• Walkthrough: Extras

    1. Where's Yuffie?
    2. Where's Vincent?
    3. Secret Materia Locations
    4. The Ancient Forest
    5. The Date
    6. Vincent's Waterfall
    7. Yuffie's Subquest
    8. Ultimate Weapon
    9. Ruby Weapon
    10. Emerald Weapon

    Where's Yuffie?

    You can get Yuffie in any disc. She is in the forests near Junon, and Gongaga. You fight her (her name is Mystery Ninja). Afterward you find yourself in a plain with Yuffie and your party.

    If you talk to one of your members or try to use the Save Point, she will escape and steal some gil. Talk to her, then respond in this fashion:

    • Not interested
    • ...petrified
    • That's right
    • Let's hurry on

    She comes with a Carbon Bangle, and a Throw materia with 300 AP on it.

    Where's Vincent?

    You can get Vincent in any disc. Go to the Nibelheim mansion and unlock the code, fight the boss, grab the Key to the Basement. Refer to the Nibelheim/Mt. Nibel section of the Disc One Walkthrough page for details. Go down to the basement and unlock the top door in the 2nd screen. Examine the purple coffin and he'll talk. Respond in this fashion:

    • Talk about Sephiroth
    • Who are you?

    He comes with a Silver Armlet. His Limits are weird, he turns into a monster for the remainder of a battle and attacks from that position.

    Secret Materia Locations


    Found in Wutai Area, near a bridge. Need a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo to reach it. Mimics last performed action by an ally.


    Found in Mideel area, NE of the town in the stray islands. Need Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo. Uses attached magic 4x, but decreases power. AS it advances, power increases.


    Found North of corel. Need a Black or Gold Chocobo. Switches HP and MP totals.


    Found in the North-East corner of World Map, uncharted isle. Need a Gold Chocobo to reach it. Looks like a round island (that's its name). Recommended you find it with the Highwind first. Extreme summon, deals on the average 65000 damage, max it can deal 129987 damage (9999 x13)

    The Ancient Forest

    In Disc II or III, with a Green Chocobo, you can reach the Ancient Forest. This is located South of Cosmo Canyon on a mountaintop. You can also reach it after killing the Ultimate Weapon.

    Some special controls are here. When you see a frog, or a wasp nest, examine it and you will pick it up. Press O to release it. Now, let's begin.

    Grab the big frog, and now go over the bridge. In the middle of the claws there is an item. Walk over to get it. WALK. Now, go back and go under the bridge. Release the frog in the bag. Now run quickly back to get a little bug, grab it, and after jumping on the first bag put the small bug in the second, and cross. Grab the nearby frog, and the item, and go right.

    In the second area, pick up one frog and approach the pink vine. Choose the top option to leap to the ledge. From here, you can put the frog in the bag and leap across to the second (already-full) bag. You'll automatically use the pink vine to jump to the ground. Now, pick up a frog and climb on top of the green ledge to our right; let it go and it will leap onto the left bag. If you wait long enough, you'll be sent flying to the ledge above when the frog escapes (you have to use a big one). Once on the ledge, take the wasp nest. Jump back down. Go near the small snapping plant and press O to release the nest; if you're at the right distance, the nest will fly backward and land in the plant, which will snap it up. Take the yellow materia. Pick up the big frog again. Climb to the green ledge one more time and let the frog jump into the right bag. Jump atop it and wait until you are thrust onto the opposite side of the huge snapping plant. Run to the right to reach the next one.

    In the third area, pick up two frogs, toss them into the bags, and leap across to the pink vine. You'll be lifted into the treetops. Go left, then down the trunk to reach the big bag you saw back in the second area. Minerva Band is inside. If you go too far down the trunk, you'll jump down to the ground, so return to the treetops after grabbing the bag. If for some reason you can't, just hop back down repeat the last few steps to get across the plant, get into the next screen, and return to the treetops. Once you're back in the trees, climb to the upmost branch and head right, then make your way towards the broken branch; Cloud will vault across three of the pink vines and land on another branch. Go south to get yet another item bag holding a red materia. Now, go back across the vine, and take the lower branch that leads behind the leaves to the ground level. (look for a path leading right).

    Once on the ground, grab a frog. There are two bags to your right; look for a high ledge beneath them, stand on it, and toss the frog into the bag. Then, hop onto it and make your way over to the second bag, then to the ledge with the wasp's nest. Take it and drop to the ground, then approach the snapping plant and press O to release the nest. If you are positioned correctly, you'll toss the nest into the plant, which will close up.

    Pick up a small frog and move past the plant. Stand on the left ledge, and let go of the frog; it will jump into the nearby bag. Hop across the bag and onto the ground. Run to the left and grab a frog. Put it in the hollow in the tree next to you and a big frog will jump out. Take it and go back the way you came (put the big frog in the bag, jump to the other side, and wait for it to land by your feet). Grab it again, go to the far right ledge, and release it into the bag. Now, stand on the bag and wait for the frog to escape. Doing this sends you flying across the gap to a cave entrance.

    In the cave, walk to the right to find a chest. Head to the north, then go east to find another chest. Finally, exit through the opening to your left. You're back outside!

    The Date

    In Disc I, when you revisit the Gold Saucer, you 'spend some time with one of the 3 females.'

    The default is Aeris (payback for being her bodyguard), but you can get Tifa and Yuffie as well. Some Japanese guys have even gotten Barret! I tried to once, but the plan failed. Basically you have to be nice to one of the girls and shun the other two. I have a guide for Yuffie, courtesy of ? but translated by Case (coxon@netspae.net.au) edited by Yasha (shinra_company@hotmail.com, vucht@eisa.net.au) thanks to Mooncalf (McLeodM@msn.com).

    HERE IT IS!!

    Everyone likes Yuffie, the 14 year old ninja with spunk. Finally, you can do the ultimate (clean) fantasy - you can date Yuffie! But then half the fun of slaving through the guide is the fact that you can kick dirt in Aeris and Tifa's face, call them worthless, irresponsible and ugly and they'll STILL like you in the end! So here we go:


    This was originally taken from a Japanese guide, but has been translated and edited for the English version. Also credit is given to the original writer of this guide, whomever he may be. The original writer, translater and editor will not claim responsibility if you read through this guide and it essentially destroys the first half of the game. I've dated Yuffie, obviously, so it can be done, however, I suggest you play the game 'straight' first, as some key parts are missed (Honey Bee Inn, talk with Zack's parents). This is best followed when you play through a second time.


    Always try to have Red 13 and Barret in your party before getting Yuffie. After getting Yuffie, make sure she's always the second character, unless specified otherwise, (like when a character insists on joining you). The third character can be anybody but one of the girls (unless specified otherwise).

    • When you talk to allies, always talk to Yuffie first.
    • If you're in doubt when making choices, remember the object is of getting Tifa/Aeris's favour of you down (that is, be nasty to them), and getting Yuffie's favour of you up.
    • Finally, make sure the Cover materia is always equipped on Cloud when Yuffie's in your party, so that he can protect her.
    • Below is what choices you need to make to date Yuffie - don't be daunted by the number of instructions. And note that skipping out on a minor choice or two is fine, but watch for the major ones. Good luck dating Yuffie!
    • When you first meet Aeris after the bombing mission and she asks, 'What happened?', tell her, 'Nothing has. Listen..'
    • Then 'Nevermind.'
    • When she asks if Cloud would like a flower, say 'Forget it.'
    • Talk to Jessie in the train a few times, then choose 'I'll be waiting'.
    • In front of 7th Heaven, don't talk to Barret a second time.
    • When Tifa asks 'Did you fight with Barret?' say 'Not this time'.
    • Talk to Biggs. When he comments about the food, say 'Yeah, why not.'
    • Talk to Wedge, and choose to drink with him.
    • When you talk to Tifa at the bar, say 'I don't feel like talking.
    • In the Avalanche hideout, after talking to Barret and then talking to Tifa, choose '....sorry.'
    • Then, when Tifa asks, 'Did you sleep well?' say 'Barret's snoring kept me up.'
    • When Barret asks about using materia, say 'Okay, I'll explain it.
    • In Johnny's house, when you talk to his father a third time and he asks about Cloud's hometown, say 'Who cares!' not 'Nibelheim..'
    • When you're in the train to attack the second mako reactor, Jessie asks 'Do I look good in Shinra uniform?' say, 'Yeah..'
    • When falling from bridge, say to Tifa, 'I mightn't be able to make it,' not 'I don't think I can hold on.'
    • When Aeris asks 'do you remember me?', say 'Never seen you before'
    • When Aeris says 'I've got a lot of things to tell you,' don't say 'Okay, I'll listen,' instead say, 'there's nothing to talk about.
    • When Reno enters and Aeris says, 'Ignore him,' talk to Reno.
    • When Aeris is attacked, and she says 'Cloud, help me,' say, 'Wait a minute', and drop all the wrong barrels.
    • At Aeris's house, when Aeris asks if Tifa is your girlfriend, say 'Yes, that's right'.
    • At the park, when Aeris says, 'I don't want to go home,' say 'I'll take you to 7th Heaven'.
    • Don't go to the Honey Inn in the wall market, and try to make Aeris be chosen (only three dress-up items).
    • When in Don Corneo's house, say when you save Tifa, 'We've gotta save Aeris!'
    • In the sewer after the boss, talk to Aeris then Tifa.
    • When you talk to Marlene at Aeris's house, and she asks, 'Is Aeris your girlfriend?' say 'I don't know.'
    • In front of the Shinra building, say, 'Let's bust on in!'
    • At the 61st floor, talk to the guy who has keycard to the 62nd floor, and say first, 'Where's Aeris?' then, '....'.
    • At 68th floor, when you first save Aeris and you get to choose who takes Aeris away, say 'Tifa, I'm counting on you.'
    • In jail, talk to Red XIII first,
    • then talk to Barret,
    • then talk to Aeris,
    • then talk to Tifa. When Tifa says, 'Can you get us out of here,' don't choose 'Leave it to me,' choose 'It'll be difficult.'
    • And then go to sleep.
    • Before the bike race, in your party to fight that bulldozer boss, have Red and Barret in your party.
    • Talk to Red first when you escape.
    • Then talk to Barret, and say 'I'm not sure.'
    • Then when talking to Tifa and Aeris, say 'The journey's going to be dangerous, are you sure you still want to go?'
    • Now have Red and Barret in your party until past the Mithril cave.
    • In the Kalm flashblack, say you did go into Tifa's house.
    • Say you did go into Tifa's room,
    • Say you looked at Tifa's letter on desk.
    • Say you read it.
    • Say you remember it very well.
    • Look at the drawers, and then say 'Yes, I really did look in your drawers.'
    • After the flashback, when you talk to Barret about him wanting to go off and fight now, say 'Is that all?'
    • After going through Mythril mine, go and get Yuffie straight away (before going to Junon). It helps if you're at a high level, and remember, this is based on luck, so use any Luck Sources you may have.
    • In front of the Fort Condor, with PHS, make the members of the party Aeris and Tifa.
    • After going inside, talk to the sitting guy, say 'Not interested' twice.
    • Go outside, and with PHS, make Yuffie and Red members. Then go in talk to the same guy and say, 'Well, lets do it.'
    • After someone says in Fort Condor, 'Are you going to rest?' say 'I want to rest'.
    • In Junon, if you don't have any 'Tranquilizer', buy some.
    • In the cargo ship, talk to Yuffie, and she talks about 'Tranquilizers', say, 'I'll use it.'
    • When Aeris says, 'The Airship is wonderful, isn't it?' say 'I dunno,' not 'I'll let you on one day.'
    • Tifa says, 'I wish war'd disappear. Right, Cloud?', say 'I dunno.'
    • When you make up a party to fight first Jenova boss, use Yuffie and Red.
    • When you go to Costa del Sol, go to the beach and say, 'Hey, look at that girl in the bikini!', don't say, 'Hey that's Hojo!'
    • In the inn, talk to Aeris lying in her bed and when she says, 'What do you think of me?' say, 'Nothing much.'
    • Go house next to bar, talk to Tifa who's talking to Johnny, when she says, 'Don't worry', say 'I'm not worried.'
    • Talk to the person on Corel path.
    • At the save point on the Corel railway, with PHS, make members Tifa and Aeris.
    • Investigate the birds nest and say, 'Take the treasure.'
    • Straight away in North Correl, make a member change to Yuffie and Red.
    • In the talk before going on Ropeway to Gold Saucer, choose 'Let's get on.'
    • In the Gold Saucer, just talk to Yuffie and make her a part of the team.
    • In prison, because Barret must be in your party, make the party with Barret and Yuffie.
    • After the escape from prison, make the party Yuffie and Cait Sith
    • At Gongaga, when with Reno and Rude, don't say 'Get outta my way, say 'Sector 7?'
    • Listen to Scarlet and Tseng's conversation.
    • Go outside and change members to Aeris and Tifa.
    • Go to Zack's house, and when Aeris and Tifa leave you, ignore them and leave.
    • After out of Gongaga, make the party Yuffie and Red.
    • At Cosmo Canyon, talk to Yuffie (she's in the materia shop, surprise, surprise!)
    • In the Planetarium, put Yuffie and Cait Sith into the party.
    • When you're around the Cosmo Candle, talk in this order: Yuffie, Barret, Aeris, Tifa, Red.
    • In Gi clan's cave, make the party as Yuffie and Red.
    • At Nibelheim, make Vincent part of your party, and then talk to Sephiroth.
    • In the Rocket Town, when you get the Tiny Bronco, listen to Yuffie when she says, 'Lets go to the west (to Wutai).'
    • At Wutai, Yuffie takes your materia. At this time, although there'll be less members, do not replace Yuffie before she runs off.
    • After the battle with the Shinra Soldiers, choose your party between Vincent, Cait Sith, Cid, and Red.
    • At Wutai, when you've caught Yuffie, pull the left lever as she says.
    • Finish the Wutai events.
    • Try and beat the Pagoda. I managed to beat the four-face boss by using the ???? enemy skill, maxing her with HP Plus materia and keeping Yuffie just high enough so that she survives if he uses Beast Sword.
    • Then go to Gold Saucer, get the Keystone, and watch the date sequence begin!

    Congratulations! You should now date Yuffie! And remember, say SOMETHING! :)

    PS. You can actually 'date' Barret also. I haven't done this, but some people in Japan have. If you want to try this, I can't help you, except to perhaps do everything in this guide that hurts Tifa and Aeris and don't pick up Yuffie until the last possible minute.

    Vincent's Waterfall

    In Disc II before raiding Midgar, go to the water fall between Nibelheim and Corel. You'll need a Green Chocobo or a Submarine. Put Vincent in your party then run to the waterfall and enter. There you'll meet Lucrecia, a woman from his past, then there will be some flashbacks. Nothing you can do now, but in Disc III come here again for his L4 Limit Break and Ultimate Weapon.

    Yuffie's Subquest

    In Disc I or II, you can do this subquest. At one point on the Wutai Continent, Yuffie will stop and take all your materia. You will also be attacked. If you have more than 50 materia she won't take them all. So enter Wutai. Go to the NW exit of the screen (a pagoda). Enter the house to the right. walk along the hall until you arrive at a room with a man sleeping inside. Enter it and talk to the man. He is Godo, Yuffie's father. Keep talking to him until he stands up, at which point Yuffie will appear and then be chased away by her father. If you follow Yuffie, you'll find that she has disappeared. Before leaving this area, enter the room next to Godo's and examine the right wall. There is a hidden panel here that will open, revealing a passage. At the end of the passage is a chest. On your way out, go into the room to the left of the entrance. You can come here and spend the night for free, but if you examine the scroll on the left wall, it will lift up revealing another passage. The chest at the end of this passage has Magic Shuriken inside it.

    Return to the town and enter the restaurant (the one with the big pot outside). Enter and talk to...the Turks! Leave, and then enter the Item Shop. Go for the chest. Yuffie will come and steal what you just received. Exit, and go to the house nearest to the city entrance.

    Enter, and a girl will say something. Examine the folding curtain, and you'll find Yuffie behind it.

    She'll run away. Go outside and walk to the restaurant. You'll see the big pot shake. Press O near it, and your friends will block the exits. Press O 3 more times, and Yuffie will come out. Seeing she can't escape, she lets you in her house.

    Meanwhile, you'll see a scene with the Turks and some Shinra soldiers. After Elena leaves, you'll be in Yuffie's house. Follow her down, and pull either lever. It doesn't matter which one you pull. Either way, a cage will drop on you. Press either lever another time to free yourselves.

    Return to Godo's house, and enter the house across from it. Examine the bell. A passage will open. Go through the passage. You'll find..

    Don Corneo! The mohawked SOB pervert who tricked you in the sewers of Midgar. He captured Elena and Yuffie. Now get the chests, and follow him up. Corneo will run away, and you'll fight a small battle. Kill the men, then go outside.

    Here, talk to the Turks. They will offer a temporary truce, and you accept. Return to town, then head towards the mountains. Talk to the Turks again as you follow the path, and keep going along the path until it splits. Take the path that goes north. It leads past a huge head to a crossroads. Rude is standing here, blocking the entrace to a cave. If you talk to him, he'll enter the cave. You can't get across the fire-pits yet unless you've gotten the Leviathan Scales (Disc II) from the Junon Underwater Mako Reactor. There's a chest here that has weapon for Cid in it, too. Talk to Rude again and then exit the cave and head south to find Corneo, who's tied Elena and Yuffie to the face of a Da-chao statue. When you confront him, he summons a boss to attack you.

    BOSS: Rapps

    LV: 60
    HP: 6000
    MP: 600
    WEAKNESS: Wind
    STRENGTH: Physical Attacks

    Since Rapps' strength is physical attacks, you might just want to move to the back row and use items to attack. If you have any extra Materia, use it. If your Limit Bar is full, USE it. Heal with Hi-Potions and Pheonix Downs. It might take a while but you should be able to wear him down easily. Aeris's Fury Brand (L2-2 limit) is great to boost Limit occurences.

    After the battle, Corneo asks you a question. Doesn't matter which one you choose. Then Reno and Rude come and send Corneo to his final resting place. Then you'll be in Yuffie's house. She'll reequip the materia, but it's not the same, so fix it until you had what you wanted. Now, after this, go into the house with lots of cats, and go upstairs for an HP absorb materia.

    Now you can go to the Pagoda, and with Yuffie alone, fight all five bosses. Enter the pagoda and talk to the first guy, Gorky.

    I am not even going to waste my time writing Boss tips on this guy. Attack, and maybe at the beginning use Demi. He has 3000 HP. You get an X-Potion for beating him.

    The second floor, you will fight Shake. He has 4000 HP. Same strategy. Use Demi2, and then beat the crap out of him. You may have to use Barrier and/or Regen. You get a Turbo Ether for winning.

    The third floor, is Chekhov. You need to cast Barrier, Haste, Regen, and possibly MBarrier. Keep your HPs up in case you are paralyzed. Just beat him down with spells, you can even use summons if you want to get it over with. He has 5000 HP. You get an Ice Ring for defeating him.

    On the fourth floor is Staniv. This guy is the easiest person. He has 6000 HP. Just cast summons and Limits and he is gone. You get an Elixir for beating him.

    Finally, on the top floor, you have to fight Godo, Yuffie's father. He is hard, beware!

    BOSS: Godo

    LV: ??
    HP: 10000
    MP: 1000
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    If you are in Disc II, then all you have to do are summons. But say you are in Disc I. Then what? Perhaps you've built Yuffie up to her Level 2 limits, or Level 3. In that case, just use Bloodfest 3 times while keeping her health up. Other than that...

    Move to back row. Now, cast Barrier, MBarrier, Regen, and Haste. Start out your damages with Demi or Demi2. After that starts to do about 2000 damage, use summon Kjata (you can go to the Ancient Forest first, get it, come back and fight) Bahamut, and Odin. Heal when necessary. However, if you run out of summons, don't bother casting Demi, he will keep healing himself. Instead, just cast Demi1, and have him waste 24 MP on curing himself. When he runs out of MP, assault! For winning you get Summon Leviathan and Yuffie's L4 Limit manual.

    That's all for Yuffie's subquest!

    Ultimate Weapon

    At the end of Disc II or in Disc III, if you go in the lake near Junon with the Highwind, you'll see a big thing over it (Ultimate Weapon). Attack it. Each time you do about 20000 damage, it will run away, chase it around until it stops and attack it again. Finally, after a while it will stop over Cosmo Canyon, this is the last fight.

    BOSS: Ultimate Weapon

    LV: 100
    HP: 100000
    MP: 1000
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    To absorb the Ultima Beam, equip Elemental + Time in armor. Cast either Knights of Round 2x, or unleash with Summons and Limit Breaks. Keep HPs at 9999, because in the end he will cast Shadow Flare, which does about 8500 damage. Heal frequently and keep at least one character on the offensive.

    After it dies, it makes a crater, which allows you to climb up to the Ancient Forest without needing a Chocobo. You also get Cloud's Ultimate Weapon.

    Ruby Weapon

    In the end of Disc II or III, with a Gold Chocobo or the Highwind, ram into the red worm sticking out of the Gold Saucer Desert. But before that, make sure you have met these prerequisites:

    • Each person equipped with a Mime materia.
    • One person has W-Summon, and Knights of Round junctioned to HP Absorb, and Hades.
    • 2 people dead, the one alive should have Pheonix + Final Attack.
    • 9999 HP.
    • Tetra Elementals and/or Ribbons equipped.
    • 2 Mystiles and 1 Aegis Armlet equipped.
    • Everyone's double or triple AP weapons equipped. Put materia necessary to be mastered in the triple slots, and other materia you want to master in doubles. Attack it.

    BOSS: Ruby Weapon

    LV: 1000
    HP: 1000000
    MP: 1000000
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: Fire

    Without a doubt the hardest battle in the game. With 2 men down, Ruby will stick its tentacles in the ground. Now cast Phoenix on Ruby Don't worry about the tentacles. They will piss you off, but use Remedies and Megalixirs to counter. When your situation is finally stablized, cast W-Summon. First cast Hades. This casts Stop on Ruby. Then cast Knights of Round. 10% of the damage inflicted by Knights of Round will return to you as HP. It heals you. Now have everyone repetitively Mime this W-summon! But at one point Stop won't work, so in order to start it again, you must have Hades and KoR at level 2. With perseverance, you will win.

    You will get a Desert Rose as a prize, and 35000 EXP and 50000 AP Give the Desert Rose to the man in the NE house of Kalm for a Gold Chocobo.

    Emerald Weapon

    You need a sub. First, go to Underwater Reactor and Morph a Ghost Ship into a Guide Book. Give it to the man in Kalm (upstairs in one of the houses) and he will give you an Underwater materia. Equip it. Now dive in the sub and approach the floating thing. But, prerequisites are as follows:

    • all 3 alive and @ 9999 HP.
    • 2 Mystiles and one Aegis Armlet equipped.
    • Triple and Double AP weapons.
    • One person has W-Summon and KoR + HP Absorb.
    • All 3 have Mime.

    Now ram into Emerald Weapon.

    BOSS: Emerald Weapon

    LV: 1000
    HP: 1000000
    MP: 1000000

    It is easier to stabilize yourself here. W-summon KoR 2x and Mime it over and over. Watch out for Aire Tam Storm, which does 1000-2000 times the # of materia equipped. So keep materia count down. HP Absorption by KoR should help immensely. I have been told that it is possible to defeat Emerald Weapon with Cait Sith's slots. The instant kill attack (face of Cait Sith) kills it! I have not attempted this before.

    And that's all folks!

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