• Walkthrough: Disc Two

    1. Escape from the City
    2. Icicle Inn
    3. The Wilderness
    4. Climb to the Summit
    5. The Crater
    6. Junon II
    7. Mideel
    8. Corel Train
    9. Battle at Fort Condor
    10. Mideel II
    11. Junon Underwater Reactor
    12. Aqueous Quests
    13. Cid's Rocket/Holy Power
    14. Siege of Midgar

    Escape from the City

    You'll end up in the cone house. Go outside. Cloud will have a seizure, and will see Sephiroth. Follow the path that Sephiroth was on. In the next screen, walk on the fish-rock, then go right to get a Viper Halberd. Then climb up the thorns. Just walk up to it and the rest is done automatically. Then go right and around to the cave. In the cave, go tp the 2nd crevice and climb up. When it prompts you, go left. Then walk over to the 3rd crevice and go up, and right for a chest. Go back down, then right. Then go right and when 2 options appear, choose the bottom one for another chest. Now, go up and left, then up to the 3rd chest. Go back in the crevice, then down and left. Then go up to the large opening with a ladder. Going down is a Magic Plus materia. Then go up, and exit.

    Icicle Inn

    You'll end up outside. Go around the mountains to Icicle Inn. R2 might help more. Use the map if you need to. When you enter, you can do lots of things. If you go in the first house, it is a weapon store. The house with all the equipment shows videos of Professor Gast and Ifalna, Aeris's mother. There is an inn, and a pub downstairs. Now go talk to the guy in the far back and the Turks will come. If you dodge Elena's punch, she runs (falls) away. If you get hit, you wake up in the house with all the equipment. Now go to the middle house and get the kid's snowboard. (You couldn't do this earlier.) Then go to the house with the snowman and grab the map off the wall. There are also some items. Now, the fun begins. Go to the exit the man was near and.....



    • Up -- start (when not moving)
    • Down & Square -- brake
    • X -- jump
    • R1 -- tight turns when going left or right
    • Left/Right -- go left and right

    Just hold R1 all the time for tight turns. If you jump while going really fast, you can go really high! You can also do this as many times as you want. When the forks appear, at the first one go left, then the second one go right. This will have you at the gate. Go S, to exit, then back up to Icicle Inn! The balloons don't mean anything for now, but this game appears in the Gold Saucer, it will be explained more in 6.2.

    The Wilderness

    • If you went left, left you end up at the cave.
    • If you went left, right you end up at the entrance.
    • If you went right, left you end up at the tree.
    • If you went right, right you end up at the forest.

    There's nothing in the cave, so don't bother. Nothing is in the buried airplane, the tree, river log, stone face either. In the forest there is a Mind Source. In the ice floe area, there is a Potion, and if you make it across, you can get a Safety Bit. There is an Elixir at the Ice Boulders. At the Steaming Lakes, touch the water, (you'll see why). You can get an Added Cut Materia at the Mountains.

    When you reach the Northmost point. there will be a huge ice field. Go right. Use the markers to keep your sense of direction. When you reach the next screen, keep going right until there is a cave in the E corner. Go in and talk to the lady. You'll fight Snow (if you touched the water). This is a regular monster, I don't know why it is a boss. Just cast Fire2, Ifrit and she is gone. You get Alexander materia when you kill her. Go back to the snow field. There is an All materia here, get it if you want. Go North. You'll end up in a shack of Holzoff. Oh yeah, if you pass out in the glacier, this Is where you end up. He'll tell you 2 things:

    • Confirm route -- O. Use this near the flags.
    • Raise temperature -- Sq. Use this on ledges.

    If you passed out and did not get a chance for the Alexander materia, go back and get it (it is worth it).

    Climb to the Summit

    Leave, then go N. This is straight forward. Up, up, and up. At the ledges, if you go below 30, warm yourself. I know it burns your thumb, but if you drop below 27, you'll awake in Holzoff Shack.

    When you climb in the cave, go under the bridge and thru the cave. Go up and thru the exit to your left. Go cross the first bridge then across the second one for a chest, then into the cave.

    Go up. When you can't see yourself, just press D-Button in random directions and you'll get there. Push the rock, then go ALL the way back to the very first entrance. Follow the path, till you get outside. Outside, go up. At the first prompt, go up, then at the second one, go up again. Go to the right flag. Then go up into the cave.

    Grab the chest on the right, save then go thru the right entrance Go around the cliff. Get the chest. Each time you go under an icicle, you fight it and 4 Evilheads. Use Ifrit and Fire2+All. Grab the Megalixir on the other side. It says Last Elixir, but it is a glitch (or translation problem).

    Then jump down. Now you can get the 2nd chest and go thru the middle entrance. Get the chest (Enhance Sword), then go around the cliff. At the flag, press O, then right. Then go up at all prompts and flags. Inside, drink from the pond, then Save. Here, you can learn E. Skill Smelly Breath from the Molbors and get Dragon Armlets from the Blue Dragons while healing yourself. You'll need 3 Dragon Armlets. Continue, and you get to fight another boss.

    BOSS: Schizo Left & Right

    LV: 43 (Both)
    HP: 18000 (Both)
    MP: 350 (Both)
    WEAKNESS: Fire (Schizo Left), Ice (Schizo Right)
    STRENGTH: Ice (Schizo Left), Fire (Schizo Right)

    The main difference are their strengths and weaknesses. To get around this, equip one with a Fire Armlet and Elemental+Ice in the armor, one with Aurora Armlet and Elemental+Fire in armor, and the third with a Dragon Armlet!! Ta Da!! Or just equip 3 Dragon Armlets. Don't use Ifrit, Shiva, or Kjata. Comet does 1700, Alexander 4000, Odin 2000, Bahamut 2500. Use Mbarrier and Haste.

    Each breathes fire or ice, depending on which head. Sometimes they breathe together. It does 1400 to one together, 900 single. Now you see why you need Mbarrier. They also cast Quake 3, does 600-700 to all. Before each head dies, it does a lightning attack doing 1400 to ALL, so keep your HP up.

    Go back, drink from the pond, save again. Then continue. Climb up (he takes a while for this one), and you'll see an FMV. Go straight down. Grab the Neo Bahamut materia, then go across and save. Cloud will see Rufus in the Highwind. At a point, if Tifa isn't in your group, she will come and join you.

    The Crater

    In the next screen, there is a wall. Talk to the shadows, then grab the items. Cross only when the wind is calm. Otherwise you will be attacked by a Wind Wing. Don't worry, he is easy though.

    Follow the path, but don't forget the chest. The shadows don't give you anything here. Then there is another wall. This time, you have to cross at a calm wind AND no green waves. If either one hits you, you get attacked. In the next screen, there will be a scene with Sephiroth, then you will be attacked by a boss.

    BOSS: Jenova: Death

    LV: 55
    HP: 25000
    MP: 800
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: Fire

    For starters, equip a Fire Armlet, Elemental+Fire, and Elemental+ Ifrit. Summons and Limits. This is a very easy boss, so take your time. Her attacks are fire-based. Her Red Light does 700, Tropic Wind 700. But if you have Mbarrier and the aforementioned items and materia equipped, it can be reduced to about 200. Yahoo!

    Don't forget the Chest, MP Turbo, and Save. Cloud will give the Black Materia to someone (Barret or Red XIII). The next screen....AAAAH! Wind, Green Waves, AND Lightning! If either one hits you you'll be attacked. AAAHH!! At the end will be a scene where Sephiroth toys with Cloud's memories. You may be wondering, "What's going on?" but everything should fall in place.

    The next scene is with the Shinra flunkies in the materia cave. The Weapon awakes, and then Cloud's group arrives. Sephiroth uses some trickery to get the carrier of the Black Materia to come as well. Cloud will take the Black materia from its carrier, and give it to Sephiroth, who is up in the chamber (the real Sephiroth). Then the rest escape and Weapon awakens. This FMV is different from the Japanese one, but oh well... It shows the 5 Weapons escaping, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Ultimate, and another one that gets killed later on, you'll see. After that, Tifa has a small scene with Cloud.

    Junon II

    Tifa wakes up in the Highwind, and Barret tells her she has been sleeping for seven days. Then you get to see Meteor (thanks a lot, Cloud). Then Rufus comes and says he is going to execute you. So you have no choice but to follow the guard, but you can save. In the room, Scarlet taunts Barret a little, then slams Tifa in the gas chamber, suddenly Weapon attacks (this is the 5th one that's gonna die). The fat guy asking questions is your pal Cait Sith. After the fight notice how the guards run away? Go to the door and press O, then any 3 directional buttons. Then it cuts to the Shinra cannon. Exit, then go to the airship. If you have Yuffie, she poses as a reporter, and joins your group. Exit, then press the yellow button on the platform to go up. A scene occurs between Cait Sith and Barret, then it cuts to Tifa.

    In the gas chamber, Tifa is strapped in the chair and the gas comes. You could sit her there forever for she is invincible. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!! First, press X twice. This makes her stick her legs out and grab the key. Press T to move back. Then press T+X to transfer from feet to head. Boy is she flexible... Then T+S to free her hand, then T+S again then T+O to free her other hand. Press the small button to turn off the gas. Then Weapon will cut a hole in the chamber allowing Tifa to escape. Climb down, down, down. Go to the end of the cannon and a...... slapping match! But isn't Tifa a martial arts woman?? Anyways. Press O to slap. I think that if you do Tifa's 2 slaps to Scarlet's 3, it will go on forever. I did it and it went on for half an hour. No matter the outcome, Tifa will escape to the Highwind. Yep, you got an Airship! Now you could do many things. You could do Yuffie's Subquest if you haven't already, Chocobo breeding, build Limits, or go on with the story. Ready? Go to the SE most dot on the map, Mideel.


    You arrive in a town that seems rather rundown. There are nice weapons and materia for sale here, and if you talk to the man standing on the balcony (do this BEFORE you get the Contain materia from the Chocobo) he will either give you a Curse Ring or make your character act funny.

    To get the Contain, get a Mimett greens, talk to the white Chocobo (it'll say Samolen greens...nice translating job), and scratch behind its ears. Talk to the cat, and you'll go in the clinic and find Cloud. Tifa leaves your group, and Cid becomes the new leader. He runs like a retard (beat your chest and bite your ear =) but otherwise he is ok. I love his Limits. Cait Sith comes up and tells you what is going to happen. You have two choices: Corel or Fort Condor. I will continue with Corel first, then Fort Condor.

    Corel Train

    Remember the Mako reactor you passed in Disc I? Go there. As you enter, you get attacked by 2 guards. Then some fun gets under way. Cid hops on a little train-caboose-whatever you call those doohickeys You gotta press T, then up rapidly, but continuously. An expert (me) can get it in 10 seconds. Remember, refrain from summons since this is timed. The first and second cars, Gas Ducter, Gas Ducter x2, can be eliminated simply by casting Remove (Exit materia). The third, Wulfmeister, use Limits, and Summon Bahamut/Mime. The fourth one, Eagle Gun, use Ramuh, Alexander, Neo Bahamut, and Mime. Limits and Comet work well also. The last one you can clear easily. You can do the whole thing in under 7 minutes! Then, you gotta slow the train down, I think it doesn't even matter if you do anything! There are 3 endings:

    • If you never made it on the train, you get NOTHING
    • If you made it, but didn't clear the train, you get the Ultima materia for 50000 gil.
    • If you made and cleared the train, you get Green Huge Materia and Ultima materia for free.

    Then you can rest for free. You also can get Barret L4 Limit Manual in one of the huts by talking to the woman in a hat. Now, on to Fort Condor. Be sure you have about 30000 gil before you go there, or all 12 1/35th soldiers.

    Battle at Fort Condor

    Go to Fort Condor. Go up to the 3rd floor to the guy standing a the window. Tell him you are ready. Now, my battle strategy consumes about 10000-15000, at the most 20000 gil. Place Attackers, Defenders, Fighters, and Shooters, 4 of each. Fighters are the most useful since they are cheap. Attackers are good against Beasts, Defenders vs. Barbarians, Shooters vs. Wyverns.

    Replace troops when necessary. At the end is a commander. Just send all your troops at him at once and he dies. At any one point during the battle you shouldn't have more than 10 people. You get a Pheonix materia when you win, and you watch a condor (chocobo?) fly away. Talk to the old man to get a Huge Yellow Materia. Also, they sell materia, All for 20000. Now down to Mideel.

    Mideel II

    You can still get the Contain here if you haven't already. When you are ready, go into the clinic with Tifa and Cloud. Then Weapon attacks and the Lifestream bursts. Cid goes out and starts taunting Weapon (it must be a marijuana cigarette) then it swoops down and attacks.

    BOSS: Ultimate Weapon

    LV: ??
    HP: 10000
    MP: ??
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    To absorb the Ultima Beam, equip Elemental+Time or Elemental+ Barrier. After doing 10000 points of damage to it it will fly away. Be sure to use the Phoenix materia if you are in trouble, it deals fire damage PLUS casts Life2 on all dead allies.

    Cid changes moods from drunk bravery to self-consciousness and scrams. This next scene is hilarious. It shows Tifa wheeling Cloud on a wheelchair, and they fall into the lifestream. Tifa hears some weird noises, then she ends up in Cloud's memories.

    There are 3 Clouds, here. Go to the top one, and you will see a gate that leads to Nibelheim. Enter, and you will see a flashback of what happened 5 years ago, with Sephiroth and Cloud, no, Zack, the dude who came from Gongaga. Then later, go to the bottom left Cloud, which leads to the well. They talk about the well. Then finally, boy Cloud comes and leads Tifa to his (awwww) special memories. It ends up in Tifa's room. There are a few scenes with Tifa and her friends, and then her mom dies. She goes up to Mt. Nibel, falls off, and the Cloud gets blamed for it. Then it continues saying Cloud fought everybody, but then he heard about Sephiroth and wanted to become strong like him so yours truly (Tifa) could notice. Lastly, you have to go back up to the topmost Cloud, who will lead you to the Nibelheim reactor. All questions will be answered here! The final truth! When you're done, watch the Clouds converge then go back up.

    You're back on the Highwind. When Cloud finishes with his speech, as you leave, the dude who lets you PHS, save, restore HP/MP will let you do so. Then talk to the pilot and go to Junon.

    Junon Underwater Reactor

    Enter Junon, then go up the elevator (you gotta pay the soldier 10 gil). Save, then go left. The shops have new items and weapons here. There will be a scene where Cloud says something, ignore it. Keep going down. Go left across the dock, then when you enter the hallway, go down to where the driller is. His troops run away. Go down to the door and enter it. Go down the elevator. Then exit and go down, then left, then down again.

    Save then go thru the exit. Go down another elevator, and you arrive at the UnderWater Reactor.

    In the area where the fish are, walk around till you get attacked by a Ghost Ship. Morph it into a GuideBook. Keep going, then you get to go down ANOTHER elevator. Press the button to go down then exit. Go across the ramp. SAVE there is a boss coming up. Go on and fight the Shinra soldiers (easy). Walk a little ways, and you see the Huge Red Materia being carried away (doesn't look very huge to me). Go on, and talk to Reno. He summons the boss, then runs.

    BOSS: Carry Armor & Arms

    LV: 45 (All)
    HP: 24000 (Carry Armor), 10000 (Both Arms)
    MP: 200 (Carry Armor), 100 (Left Arm), 200 (Right Arm)
    WEAKNESS: Lightning (All)
    STRENGTH: None (All)

    GO FOR THE ARMS. The only thing the body can do is a Lapis (la piss) Laser which does 1600 regardless of row. Cast Wall if you want. Bolt3 is good. Use Knights of the Round if you have it (it requires a Gold Chocobo; its worth getting). Limits work well. Barret's Satellite Beam works nice does 2000 to each, keep Miming and they're toast. Otherwise, use Freeze and Break, and Ultima is VERY nice. You have a lot of good Summons and Magic, use them. Your only concern is the arms, the punch for 500, and when they pick up a character, they're dead. If you attack them when a character is in their hand, it swings round and round attacking the character till it dies. REGEN IS AWESOME. Learn to use it, use it for every boss. Typoon does quite well (ancient forest), about 5000 each. It is a tough fight, but you'll get it after a while if not the first time. If you have Knights of Round, you can kill any boss in this walkthru.

    After the fight, go left for a chest, then go up. Notice how the soldiers are running in place? Grab the chests, then go up and fight them. Hop in the sub where you fight more people. Save, then enter the cockpit. Remeber Disc I in Junon when you had to dress up? These are the same guys who taught you in the locker room!! They talk tough, but you can fight them or take them prisoner. I took them prisoner, thought it was pretty funny. I just wish I could make Cloud spit in their face. HA HA HA! Now for the sub game.


    Here, your objective is to destroy the Red Leader Sub which carries the Huge Red Materia. You can do it in under 5 seconds because you start out right next to it! However, the first time you might not be able to.


    • T -- go forward
    • S -- fire
    • X -- go backward
    • D-pad -- move up/down and left/right

    There is no strafing. When you get used to it, wait until an enemy sub is within the red square. When it is, press S repeatedly. BAM BOOM BAM BOOM!!! they're dead. Do it to all of them until you find the Red Sub, then do it to it. Beware that it takes time to reload the torpedos. You have a 10-minute time limit.

    Afterward, all call arrives on the sub (see the prisoners?) Then you are prompted to go back to Junon. There go to the airport and you'll see the Gelnika take off. Cloud says it is going to Rocket Town, so, go to Rocket Town. However, don't go yet. There are a lot of sidequests you can do with the sub that you might want to consider that are in the next section, and the Key to the Ancients is NECESSARY, so read the next section anyways, even if you didn't get the sub.

    Aqueous quests

    First of all, your controls for the sub are as follows:

    • O - forward
    • X - submerge/ascend or get off at docks
    • D-pad - move left/right/up/down

    The first thing to do is get the Huge Red Materia from the Red Leader Sub. If you didn't sink it, you can't get it. BTW, if you jettisoned out of the sub (ran out of time or sub blew up) go back to Junon, talk to the dog that was next to the elevator with the woman. When it moves, go in, fight the Shinra, and get the red sub. The controls are the same for either sub.

    Go near the Temple of the Ancients, then submerge. Look around and there will be a red speck. Move closer and it is the sub. Touch it to get the Huge Red Materia (the prisoners are still there!!). Next, go West of Bone Village and submerge. There will be a passageway. Go thru it and touch the spike. It is the Key to the Ancients, you'll need it soon. Now, go to the dock near the Gold Saucer and submerge. There will be a wrecked plane, Gelnika. Touch it to enter.

    Go left and get the chest. Go up, and get 2 chests. Grab the purple light for Double Cut materia. Behind a pipe is the Conformer, Yuffie's Ultimate Weapon. Exit, then save. GO left where you'll see yours truly, Reno and Rude. They fight you (duh!)

    BOSS: Reno & Rude

    LV: 42 (Reno), 49 (Rude)
    HP: 15000 (Reno), 20000 (Rude)
    MP: 250 (Reno), 280 (Rude)
    WEAKNESS: None (Both)
    STRENGTH: None (Reno), Fire (Rude)

    Reno's attacks are lightning based, so equip an Escort Guard and Bolt Armlet. Rude casts Fire2, which does about 800. Reno's Neo Turk Light cause confusion (urrrgh). Knight of Round kills em, but if you don't have it, Limits and Summons. Just concentrate your attacks on one of them, and the other will leave as well.

    Go where they were. Grab the chest. Go right for another one, then down the stairs. The red dot is Summon Hades. Go down for two more chests, one being Cid's L4 manual. Then LEAVE. The monsters really get to you after a while.

    Next, go to Wutai. Go to the Da-chao statue. In the fire pits, Cloud will use the Leviathan scales 2x and get two chests. Now, head on to Rocket Town!

    Cid's Rocket/Holy Power

    Inside Rocket Town, everyone is looking at the rocket. Go there and you see the rocket getting ready to liftoff. Go to the steps and fight the guards. Then go up and fight another batch.

    At this point if Cid is not in your party, he comes and joins you. Go up where you'll fight Rude and some more guards. Rude by himself is easy, just use limits on him. Go on and kill the commander.

    Go left where the control room is and Cid will take over. 3...2...1...BLASTOFF!! Nice FMV. Cid and Cloud willl have a chat, then Cloud goes for the Huge Blue Materia. Go right, then up the ladder. It will prompt you to enter a passcode. If you get it wrong, Cid will clue you in. If you get it, Cid starts bragging, otherwise it is lowered where you can't reach it. The passcode for you morons who can't get it =) is: O,S,X,X.

    Then exit the cockpit, and thru the hallway to the oxygen tanks. One of them blows up. Cid gives his death speech (that's what I call them anyway) and then Shera comes. Oooooh, isn't she strong! Then follow her to the escape pod. Another few FMV's flashby, (one of my favorites) then an explosion with Meteor. The explosion only blows way the outer rocky layer of it, now what you see is worse: a magnetic/electric ball with rocks around it. You land on the Highwind (coincidence?, it must be magic) then Red XIII prompts you to go to Cosmo Canyon.

    In Cosmo Canyon, go up to Bugenhagen's observatory and in the 3D space thing. He does some soulsearching, then Cloud says stuff about Aeris. Then Bugenhagen wants you to go to the City of the Ancients again, he has a hunch. Before that, place the Huge Materia, then go to the Huge Blue materia, and if you have Bahamut and NeoBahamut (nonmastered) you will get Bahamut ZERO. BTW, If you master all Magic materia, come here, use all the Magic Materia to get a Master Magic Materia. Same if you master all Summon for the Red materia, and you need to master, Mime, Manipulate, Deathblow, Morph, Sense, Steal, and Throw materias mastered for Master Command.

    Remember the chamber with the crystal that had the Aurora Armlet? Go there. Bugenhagen gets a reading, then wants you to go to the crystal. Go right, thru the passageway, to go up, then down the stairs to the chamber. Bugenhagen uses the key to create a waterfall, then the crystal projects an image on the sheet of water. It shows the Holy materia turning green, due to Aeris's praying. When you leave, Cait Sith calls. He says stuff about the Mako Cannon. When you exit the city, and try to get on the Airship/Chocobo, a rumbling occurs, and Diamond Weapon emerges from the sea and walks toward Midgar. So fly in front of Midgar, and wait for it to come up on land, then fight it. You can also do other stuff if you want to, but i'll go with the following.

    BOSS: Diamond Weapon

    LV: 99
    HP: 50000
    MP: 3000
    WEAKNESS: Lightning
    STRENGTH: None

    You can Knights of Round this to hell with one casting, but if you don't have it oh well. You can steal a Rising Sun from it during battle. Bolt3, Ultima, Tornado, Typoon, Bahamut ZERO, even Coin are all plausible sources of damage. My recommendation is Coin 100000 gil, then Mime it. Its attacks are weak, a laser does 700, and stomp 1000. However, if it uses Countdown+Diamond Flash, it does 1500-2500 damage + Silence to all members. Once it does, you can use physical attacks, but you shouldn't even have to worry about it.

    My favorite FMV lies here..... watch. If you try to go to the Northern Crater, you'll be stopped by Cait Sith, who tells you that Hojo is going to fire it again. He also tells gya haa ha and kya haa ha that Cloud is coming (that damn doublecrosser). So ram Midgar when you are ready!

    Siege of Midgar

    DUM DA DUM DUM DA!!! Choose your party, then parachute down into Midgar. Follow Cait Sith underground. Climb down the ladder, then down the top flight of stairs. Go up, then left and right for chests. Now go back, and go down the other stairs. Climb up the ladder to your left and get the chest, then go back. Go right, the floor falls down. Don't worry about it. Go left, then up the ladder. Go thru the chute and you're back at the place you were deprived from earlier. Grab the chests, then go down the ladder and on the chute. Climb the chute. Go up the ladder for a chest, then go back. Go up the stairs, then save and go through the chute.

    In the tunnel, go S. Keep going for chests, and at the very last screen you are rewarded for your perseverance by a W-Item. The duplication trick is as follows:

    Select the item you want duplicated and 'use' it. Select another item and cancel it. Each time you cancel the initial item increases by one.

    And a save. Now you get to go all the way back (oh fun!). Eventually you'll run across the Turks. If you did the Yuffie's SubQuest and saved Elena from Corneo, then they will give you an option, else you have to fight them.

    BOSS: Reno, Rude, & Elena

    LV: 50 (Reno), 51 (Rude), 52 (Elena)
    HP: 25000 (Reno), 28000 (Rude), 30000 (Elena)
    MP: 200 (Reno), 250 (Rude), 300 (Elena)
    WEAKNESS: None (All)
    STRENGTH: Ice (Reno), Fire (Rude), Bolt (Elena)

    It's obvious not to use Elemental Summons or Fire/Ice/Lightning + All. If you don't have Knights of the Round, be sure to have L4 Limit Breaks, or at least Mime, that way you can mime Bahamut ZERO or Typoon. Hades works to some extent as well. Remember, if you don't have L4 Limits or KoR, don't fight them unless you have HP up the @$$. Reno's attack does 800 and I think it is lightning-based. Rude's punch does 2000, and he occasionally casts Fire2 which does 1000 damage. Elena throws a bomb, does 600 to all. They have more attacks, but these are the ones which occur most frequently. If you smack Elena around enough, she'll go to the back row and Reno and Rude's attacks double! Start out with Wall + Haste, then use Ultima + Tornado. Save Pheonix since it will revive your allies but it will also heal Rude. Final Attack+Pheonix is perfect.

    They run away (do they ever die?). Go up. At the fork, if you wish to revisit the Shinra HQ, go right, then right, then up the ladder. On floor 2, in the item shop you can open the chests you couldn't earlier. On floor 64 in the back row is Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon, HP Shout. You can get a Mind Source and a Speed Source from the machine if you choose to hit it. On floor 63 is an item bag. And if you didn't go Tifa's method when raiding the HQ in Disc I, you can get the Elixir and a Behemoth Horn as well. When you're done, go back.

    Go left at the fork and you arrive at the surface. Go a little ways and gya haa ha and kya haa ha (Heidegger and Scarlet, if you haven't caught on by now) will attack you in the Proud Clod.

    BOSS: Proud Clod & Jamar Armor

    LV: 76 (Proud Clod), 62 (Jamar Armor)
    HP: 60000 (Proud Clod), 20000 (Jamar Armor)
    MP: 0 (Proud Clod), 300 (Jamar Armor)
    WEAKNESS: Lightning (Proud Clod), None (Jamar Armor)
    STRENGTH: None (Both)

    All the Jamar Armor can do is disable your materia, and it rarely ever does so. Still, it would be useful to get rid of it. The Proud Clod is weak: Wrist Laser does 650, Knee Fire 550, firebased, and the punch does 650. Its machine guns do 1100, as its Beam Cannon. KoR kills it, else use L4 limits+Mime, Ultima+Mime, Freeze, Bolt3. It is a very easy boss.

    After they die, it begins to rain (I thought Midgar had no weather cause of that damned plate?) GO up. Grab the chests. One of them has a Mystile. This, in my opinion, is the best armor. Second to it is the Aegis Armlet. Why? Magic evasion at 65%, Evasion at 50%, whereas the Aegis armlet is a touch less than that. You get another one in Disc III. Save, then go up.

    If Barret is in your party, you'll see a chest which contains his Ultimate Weapon, the Missing Score. Keep going up, and at the last screen. If Vincent is in your party he'll trash talk Hojo. FINAL REVELATIONS!!

    BOSS: Hojo, Hojo, And Hojo!!


    LV: 42 (Poodler Sample), 50 (Hojo), 34 (Bad Rap Sample)
    HP: 10000 (Poodler Sample), 13000 (Hojo), 11000 (Bad Rap Sample)
    MP: 200 (Poodler Sample), 250 (Hojo), 120 (Bad Rap Sample)
    WEAKNESS: None (All)
    STRENGTH: None (All)

    Don't bother about the other 2 goons, every time you kill them, Hojo will summon them back. Coin Hojo for 70000 gil then Mime it, or cast Tornado, Flare, or Freeze and Mime that. Use Wall+Haste.



    LV: 55 (All) HP: 24000 (Left Arm), 26000 (Helletic Hojo), 5000 (Right Arm)
    MP: 300 (Left Arm), 200 (Helletic Hojo), 400 (Right Arm)
    WEAKNESS: None (All)
    STRENGTH: None (All)

    This guy can regenerate his arms, so concentrate on the body. If you're going to use Knights of Round, this is it. Else, cast Ultima, Bahamut ZERO, L4 Limits, etc. It may cast Confusion and Silence, so have some Ribbons on. Keep your Hps up, then its on to the final form.


    LIFEFORM HOJO - NA (Can't Sense)

    This guy is tough, he casts Silence, and Combo, which deals 2200+Sleepel+Silence+Poison+Slow. Smack him with Contain + Summons. The emphasis on this whole battle is: KEEP YOUR HPS UP. L4 Limits work awesome on this MoFo. Wall+Haste would be nice for all these battles as well. Slow works well on all battles. RIBBON IS GREAT, AS IS REGEN.

    Afterward, there is a scene at the cannon, then one on the Highwind where Cloud tells everyone to do SoulSearching and then a scene with Cloud and Tifa. I THINK, but I am not sure, if you date Tifa, it is a little more......special =) The next morning, they climb on the Airship, and everyone is there (yaaay). Blastoff!! Pop in Disc III and keep playing!! BTW, if you haven't noticed, the Highwind's going faster due to the change, see the blue rocket fuel when you fly around the World Map.

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