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    In my opinion, Final Fantasy did something that no other game has ever done in the history of videogaming. It was the doorway for thousands of gamers into the realm of RPGs.

    At first, I was disappointed that FF7 appealed to the masses. I thought that they would change or simplify the story so that their sales would increase. In essence, I thought they sold out. But, in fact, I was wrong. Final Fantasy did a great job appealing to a large audience and maintaining a story and cast of characters that any RPGer would find great.

    Final Fantasy VII has everything. Perhaps it's biggest appeal is the fact that it's just a very fun game. It's great. I remember thinking just how fun it was while playing it. When I first put it in my Playstation, I knew that this game had more than lived up to the hype.

    Final Fantasy VII captured my emotions at times and it made me gasp in surprise as well. The characters were fun and exciting to control, the story was dark and captivating and the music still brings back great memories.

    The greatest thing about Final Fantasy VII (besides Cid) is the villain. Sephiroth is perhaps the most evil and dark villain ever. Most of all, Sephiroth was just plain cool. Just think about all those 15 year old kids out there that were obsessed with killing the evil Sephiroth is enough proof for me that the game is great.

    When it comes down to it, Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game ever, hands down. It's fun and more touching that Final Fantasy VIII and I have no doubts in my mind by naming it the best game ever.

    - Cid

    The first time I ever saw FFVII, I was skeptical. I had not been a part of the hype, so the only real thought I had when I started it was, "How can they possibly beat FFVI?" In my opinion, the story and music of FFVII's predecessor were good enough that it was unlikely VII would be able to surpass them. In many cases, though, it did.

    - Asorie

    Final Fantasy 7 was revolutionary. It redefined how developers viewed the Playstation, and made people realize what the little gray box was capable of doing. Final Fantasy 7 sold over 7 million copies, proving that RPGs could appeal to the masses. But could it still live up to the incredible Final Fantasy 6 at the same time? The answer is yes, Final Fantasy 7 is one of the few games that I would call a masterpiece.

    - Seifer 007
    Firstly, a warning: This review probably has spoilers in it. The way I see it, you're on a Final Fantasy site, reading a review about the most famous game in the series that has been out for over ten years. You probably know what it's all about by now. The purpose of this review is to assess whether or not Final Fantasy VII deserves its place in Final Fantasy and gaming history. It is also to try to persuade those who have written the game off because of its popularity to give it a second chance.

    The gameplay is standard Final Fantasy fare. There are a couple of features that I like, though. Firstly, the ability to remap any key in the game, which in modern games is often surprisingly lacking. I also like it that there is a button (Select by default) that marks all the exits and ladders. This is quite a handy little device put in by Square, and I have found myself using it often.

    So you wander about the world, looking for shiny trinkets and getting into the dreaded random encounters. I can't endorse the battle system, and instead prefer combat systems seen in later Square titles like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XII. However, as those came a generation later, this can be forgiven. Some of the battles can be tedious, but others can be quite intense. The combat against Demon's Gate, as he crashes through the wall, gets the blood pumping, as does the battle against Diamond Weapon as he storms out of the sea. You will also need to be on top form to defeat them.

    Magic and abilities are taken care of by the materia system, as I'm sure we all know. This is a fantastic system. It allows for a lot of freedom with how you set your characters up. If you want to recreate the job classes seen in previous systems, you can, but if you want to do that but also remove the weaknesses of that class, you can do so too. I also particularly like that you don't have to be loaded down by a huge amount of spells you never, ever, use. Better yet, you can sell the stuff! I also like that certain useful materias, for example W-Item, are one of a kind and you have to actually look for them. Encouraging exploration is undoubtedly a very good thing. As a side note, I have always found it amusing that materia is often found just lying on the ground, or in low quality shops, even though the value of this substance is often emphasised.

    The final note I have to make about gameplay is on the minigames. Do you like little diversions from your main game? FFVII is chock full of them. I've sunk countless hours into Chocobo racing and the Speed Square at the Golden Saucer, because they are just plain fun. The Submarine and Snowboarding minigames are a blast too. I also like that all of these have been placed in the story as well as the arcade. It's a pity that the Fort Condor RTS game didn't make it into the Golden Saucer, and only features during the story events.

    On the subject of the story, overall it is outstanding. At times, it does lose its way a little and things are left unexplained. The Zack storyline is perhaps the best example of this, which is probably why Square have been going all out to include him in the recent FFVII spinoff games. Sephiroth is a fantastic villain. As a young kid, playing this game, I was legitimately terrified of the man. I knew one day I would have to finally face him. Cloud's childhood hero, a legendary swordsman, who is infinitely more powerful than your heroes. It was a truly scary prospect. Not to mention his theme music. I'm not talking about what is probably the most famous boss music in gaming, One Winged Angel, but instead, Those Chosen By The Planet. If you don't recognise the name, go look it up, and if it doesn't send a chill down your spine, you are certainly braver than me.

    Sephiroth isn't the only great character. In fact, I would say that the characters in general are wonderful, and it's easy to build up a lot of empathy with them. It's hard not to feel touched by Red XIII discovering the truth about his father, or Cid's dream, or even Cait Sith and his puppetmaster and his genuine concern for the downtrodden people of Midgar. After seeing Aeris's backstory with her mother, you certainly feel guilty when she gets kidnapped. When Sephiroth reveals the truth about the Nibelheim incident and Cloud, I didn't want to accept it either. My Cloud, not a badass SOLDIER? No. Get out. That's not true. When a game makes you feel like that, it has some pretty powerful writing behind it. I don't think there was a single member of the main party that I disliked, which I have trouble saying for later Final Fantasy titles.

    That said, the writing in certain places is pretty dodgy. You get the feeling that a lot of FFVII, in particular, inconsequential NPC dialogue, was written by people who do not have English as a first language, and it just comes out as nonsense and babbling. I think perhaps some of the jokes worked in Japanese, but in English they just fall flat. Another little trademark of Final Fantasy VII is the double exclamation mark !! Perhaps my favourite example of all of this is in the Battle Square. Asked if you want to continue, you have the choices of "Off course!!" and "No, way!!". With a little bit more polish, silly little errors like that could've been avoided and might just be my main point against this game.

    Others, however, would say the graphics are FFVII's downfall. They are, of course, referring to the curious little puppet style graphics that characters have outside of battle. At times these can be hard to empathise with, but they are definitely animated well. I would have to say, however, that anybody who thinks FFVII's graphics are bad, or indeed, are anything less than outstanding for a PlayStation era game, needs to get their head examined. The backgrounds are varied, well designed, and gorgeous to look at. The FMVs and the way they meld into the world at times blew me away and at times, continues to do so. The battle character graphics are detailed, and the spells, special attacks and whatnot, are a joy to behold. It's time people woke up and started to realise this.

    There is one final thing I feel I should discuss in this piece, and that is the music. It can be quite hit and miss, but more often than not, hit. The "miss" music is generally generic elevator-style music, and it can get a bit grinding at times. However, the soundtrack is packed with tracks that your ears will appreciate. The town music often reflects, and indeed adds to the feel of the towns, notable examples being Kalm, Wutai, and of course, Cosmo Canyon. Songs played during story events often capture the mood magnificently, such as the exciting track that plays during the opening bombing mission, or Cid's stirring theme that blares out as he attempts to journey into space.

    So let's get down to brass tacks. Final Fantasy VII is often hailed as the pinnacle of the series, and indeed, the best game on the PlayStation console. In my own opinion, these assessments are absolutely correct. Those who feel put off by the puppet graphics, or perhaps the hype and frenzied fans, should try dropping their defences and allowing themselves to be sucked in. You won't regret it.

    Score: 10/10


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