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  1. Final Fantasy XIII Wish List
  2. The trailer can be viewed here on YouTube
  3. A smidge confused.
  4. Now, by mobile they mean....
  5. Final Fantasy XIII x3?
  6. Main Character?
  7. FF Versus 13 Info.
  8. Xenosaga meets FF8
  9. Cinematic Battle System
  10. Inaccessible treasure chest in Tunor Caves.
  11. Official FFXIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis Thread
  12. Have u watch FF XIII trailer yet?
  13. Possible Relationship between FFX and FFXIII
  14. Final Fantasy XIII
  15. Twins?
  16. New Scans
  17. Uh...
  18. transvestites for characters
  19. New Final Fantasy XIII Details Announced
  20. A bit TOO futuristic.
  21. Wouldnt it be cool if...
  22. More than 3 FFXIII games
  23. Wow...
  24. Will FFXIII break tradition?
  25. What about?
  26. Even more Final Fantasy XIII news
  27. Your expectations and likings.
  28. Playable at next years e3
  29. Does anyone have?.....
  30. Square Enix Talks FFXIII(also shed some light about Crisis Core)
  31. 1UP interview with Nomura et al.
  32. What do you hope for?
  33. Will FFXIII???
  34. when is this game going to come out?
  35. New main character archetypes
  36. after reading a prievew this game made me go "whoa interesting"
  37. Which Character would you put in XIII?
  38. New videos from Square-Enix to be shown at the Tokyo Game Show(FF XIII to be exact)
  39. online or offline?
  40. how many 13's?
  41. I miss world maps
  42. Would "Lightning" reallu her name...I think so
  43. FFVII for PS3!
  44. Is Uematsu Back?
  45. I've discovered how the battle system works!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Female main character, eh?
  47. Action Figures already
  48. A good quality trailer?
  49. Platform
  50. Square Enix Talks FFXIII
  51. Characters in the game.
  52. Lightning's weapon
  53. what will u buy first?
  54. 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 . . . 3
  55. Soundtrack
  56. A small idea, a BIG change. (PLEASE SQUARE!!)
  57. New Trailers
  58. New Blond character revealed
  59. Heroine's name confirmed. Plus, info on where the game takes place
  60. Attempted English Lyrics for Latin song
  61. new pictures, first look at a summon??
  62. battle system
  63. XIII?!?! :D
  64. New Info and Pics
  65. Final Fantasy XIII Demo Confirmed for 2007
  66. This game and V13 will NEVER go multiplatform
  67. Which f13 looksthe best, versus or the original???
  68. Whos this?
  69. Nomura spreads new info about Final Fantasy XIII(and Kingdom Hearts)
  70. She is the hottest chick
  71. Final Fantasy XIII Battle System Details
  72. Hope or Despair?
  73. Get few things off my Chest..
  74. ff last one
  75. I dont have a PS3 =[
  76. FF13 Exclusivity in discussion
  77. FFXIII confirmed as not exclusive to PS3 (turns out it is)
  78. Impressive? Not.
  79. Square Enix Party 2007 (12-13th May)
  80. What system to you want the FFXIII to be on?
  81. Burns my Biscuits!
  82. Square is retarded!
  83. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....
  84. FFXIII's platform's
  85. Cids of Fabula Nova Crystallis
  86. New Info
  87. Mr. 33 cm and Lightning's Relationship
  88. FF XIII and FFXIII Versus
  89. E3 2007
  90. Bad joke Square Enix
  91. FF13 and how I feel about the idea of it all
  92. You can light my fire anyday. :D
  93. Such a long wait!
  94. Your Ideal Party In XIII?
  95. XIII Online.
  96. Gameplay
  97. Graphics in 1080p!
  98. How would you like to develop your characters in this game?(stats and ability-wise)
  99. final fantasy melody xiii
  100. Supposedly a 3rd playable character was revealed at the TGS '07 for FF XIII
  101. FFXIII aah.. I don't know anything
  102. I hope
  103. Final Fantasy Xiii in Australia?
  104. New Trailer (yey)...Closed theatre (boo!)
  105. Maxing the PS3?
  106. FF XIII extended Trailer! (link inside)
  107. Who else loves the FF13 trailer music?
  108. How FFXIII & FFVersusXIII aim to remain in FFXII's critical shadow
  109. OH dear... this is gunna hurt me wallet
  110. One new scan. With new pics as well.
  111. what is .....
  112. Final Fantasy XIII
  113. FF XIII to be released this year.
  114. There should be a Final Fantasy Versus XIII section
  115. Is XIII going to be a 3 parter?
  116. No faith
  117. The FFXIII Haiku Thread.
  118. I found a way to help with the waiting for Final Fantasy XIII
  119. "Make sure when you're filming me kicking this guys ass, that you get my good side!"
  121. Will FFXIII be too big?
  122. Release Date?
  123. FFXIII at E3!
  124. Final Fantasy XIII & PS3 Firmware 2.4 - Your Thoughts
  125. REJOICE! For Xbox360 will see FFXIII!
  126. In the Midst of the 360 Debacle, We Have A New Trailer
  127. Could this be possible?
  128. Hey PS3 Fanboys! Not only will we see this on PS3 and the Xbox 360...
  129. Will the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII be better?
  130. FFXIII "Shiva-Cycle" Play Art is certainly... interesting.
  131. Final Fantasy XIII on iphone?
  132. Agito coming to PSP
  133. Final Fantasy XIII to be released in 2009
  134. 360 version WILL delay EU/US PS3 version, CONFIRMED?
  135. Level-Whoring in XIII
  136. XIII coming to Xbox 360 in Asia
  137. This is the Future!
  138. Final Fantasy XIII Haeresis?!?
  139. This is the Future.
  140. Some new Scans
  141. Some new info on XIII, Versus XIII, and Agito XIII
  142. New Agito XIII screens
  143. Mr. 33cm
  144. New screens, once again!
  145. Do you think Lightning looks like Squall?
  146. Demo to be sold separately from from Advent Children?
  147. summons
  148. "Infinite Undiscovery?" for FFXIII???
  149. Hot Cowboy Bandana Guy Is Named...
  150. What do you expect from the Demo?
  151. New trailers for FFXIII and FFvXIII!!!
  152. FFXIII InGame Battle Scan revealed
  153. Finally, some screenshots actually worth looking at!
  154. Release Date Update!
  155. The battle system!
  156. Official site open
  157. Similarities
  158. Dia Walruva
  159. New character revealed - Sazh Kalzroy
  160. Brand New Trailer Revealed.
  161. 3 new characters revealed
  162. 3 new characters not revealed
  163. PS3, 360 and in between
  164. Edge/OPM scans & IGN interview.
  165. Release date confirmed in Japan
  166. Brand New Footage from Demo
  167. A Collector's Speculation
  168. English Voices
  169. Ack, I'm Sick!
  170. Holy Crap!
  171. Character Designs~
  172. FFXIII Trailer in English!
  173. The 7-minute preview on FF7:ACC...
  174. How do you like the battle system?
  175. XIII's build up system
  176. True Series Progress?
  177. The New Summons System
  178. My taste on ffXIII
  179. Watch this,please.
  180. The new kid is called Hope
  181. Past Minigames you'd like to see make a come back
  182. Mmmm... Field screenshots!
  183. What happened to Haeresis XIII?
  184. Sazh's Son and Serah! Sweet!
  185. 360 version at least 3 discs
  186. So, if you haven't noticed
  187. 360 or PS3: Which are you more likely to buy it for?
  188. Turns out the 360 really did compromise the PS3 version
  189. Japanese release date is upon us! Or is it? Who reads nippon?
  190. Im sure everyone has seen this by now...
  191. Sazh and Ifrit
  192. Sazh's Son is Sooooo Cute!
  193. Release Date of 13
  194. Aerith vs Stella...
  195. Cid
  196. TGS 2009 Info for XIII
  197. Serah and Cockstralian-Accented Chick Might Be Playable! Sazh's Summon's Not Ifrit!
  198. New FFXIII music revealed
  199. Summons
  200. Chocobos and Hope's eidolon
  201. Official US and European Main Theme Song~
  202. FFXIII's Rating and Descriptors
  203. Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song Petition
  204. XIII's Countdown
  205. To get a ps3 Or Not To Get
  206. Biggs and Wedge???
  207. Would you so kind as to lend me 2,730?
  208. Explanations from Episode Zero *spoilers*
  209. Countdown to final trailer
  210. Boycott over the 360 inspired nerfing of the PS3 version?
  211. Final Japanese Trailer
  212. Cool futuristic city in FFXIII screen shots = Zanarkand
  213. oerba yun fang
  214. Eyes on the Lack of Feminine Features
  215. JP official site update
  216. This is game is really really pretty.
  217. Final Fantasy XIII is reviewed
  218. Final Fantasy XIII FAQ and General Info Thread
  219. Japanese TV Spot
  220. Weapon system
  221. Bored... Guess XIII's Rating?
  222. XIII Streams
  223. North American Box Art...
  224. Okay, so I have some questions.
  225. Achievements and Trophies
  226. Character design.
  227. Avoid the GameFAQs boards if you want to stay unspoiled.
  228. LINEAR MAPS :@
  229. New XIII forum skins now in business!
  230. Tim Rogers' Kotaku writeup
  231. English Video Review!!!
  232. Final Trailer is localized
  233. US and EU versions of FFXIII complete
  234. Reviews
  235. FFXIII podcast sheds some light on negative ramblings.
  236. First official western review
  237. Smiling Lightning...
  238. Go fry yourself
  239. DLC likely coming in late March
  240. FFXIII...on PS2
  241. Official site major update
  242. Limited Edition Strategy Guide
  243. Lightning's real name... (spoilers)
  244. Who needs Frocobo when you've got...
  245. Even Square Doesn't Know What Wada's Smoking
  246. Chris Tucker, Magic Johnson....and Lightning
  247. a return to one of the great games of the series?
  248. which one
  249. Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots
  250. 360 version has a faceplate?