• Minigames: Twilight Town

    What to do?

    Twilight Town has a board in the market that covers various "part-time" jobs, these are actually mini-games that are very amusing and time consuming, sometimes can result in a thrown PS2 controller with a cry of frustration. The part-time jobs available to Roxas and Sora are different, meaning their challenges will change once Sora takes over so use Roxas as practice until the real deal comes along. To start the mini-game, check the board and pick a game. That's all there is to it, really.

    Mail Delivery
    Lets hit up some folks with letters!

    Read the help wanted sign in the Market. You are hired to deliver 5 letters, good thing you have a skateboard!. Skate down the hill and press the (/\) button when you approach each person and dove. Yes... you deliver mail to a bird. There are Two doves you need to keep an eye out for and three people. You can ram into them with the skateboard which makes the game a little more fun c.cb.

    The trick to completing this game quickly is to be smart using the skateboard and hitting that dove by the arc as precisely as possible!

    Rewards (Roxas Only): 20 seconds or less, you get 50 Munny | 60 seconds or less, you get 30 munny | More then 60 seconds, you get 10 munny.
    Jiminy's Challenge: Complete within 14 seconds!

    SB Street Rave!
    Lets skateboard around the city!

    Talk to the girl next to Wantz's Item Shop in the Market Streets.The goal to skateboarding in Twilight Town is to obtain 1,000 points or more in 5 moves! Can be a little daunting. Begin by going up the ramp to gain some height, dn't jump as it will count for 1 move. running into a wall also counts as a trick when you are in the air. I know! Highly unfair! When you are all set up, jump over the rail and do as many tricks as possible. Good luck!

    Jiminy's Challenge: Finish with 1,000 points or more.

    Cargo Climb
    Push the cargo up a hill, using your sword!

    Read the help wanted sign in the Market. You are hired to transport cargo on wheels up a hill by hitting it with combos with your weapon. Press the R1 button to lock onto the cargo from behind. Continue to swing to keep the cargo from rolling down the hill. When your combo lifts the cargo into the air, this is where you must hit it with a finishing combo to make it fly forward. If you miss, it falls down with shockwaves that stun you and it rolls back down the hill, costing you time.

    Advanced Tactics: Equip the Negative Combo ability and any weapons that also decrease the combo hits. When you knock it up in the air, lock onto it and try to stay at the center. Hit it quickly and avoid the walls!

    Rewards (Roxas Only): - 30 seconds: 50 Munny | 30~60 seconds: 30 Munny | +60 Seconds: 10 Munny
    Jiminy's Challenge: Complete within 15 seconds.

    A ball, your sword. Need I say more?!

    Read the help wanted sign in the Market. You are hired as a street performer and it's -your- job to entertain the masses or booing will ensue. You must juggle a ball using your weapon and each hit knocks it up higher into the air and with a finishing combo, it flies up super high! Lock on to the ball and smack away, don't let it drop to the floor or hit anything or it will count as a FAIL! Equip a long weapon and Combo Plus abilities to increase your chances at pwn'ing.

    Rewards (Roxas Only): 20+ juggles: 50 Munny | 5~19 juggles: 30 Munny | 0-4 juggles: 10 Munny
    Jiminy's Challenge: Complete with 100 points or more.

    Junk Sweep
    Clean up my trash!

    Read the help wanted sign in the Market. You are hired as a trash collector/cleaner-upper. Hit the various trash piles with your weapon and with combos, they go flying into oblivion. Use this to your advantage and aim the flying piles towards other piles to kill 2 birds with one stone!

    Advanced Tactics: Equip everything with Negative Combo effet, push the piles of junk around in strategic spots and bam away!>/p>

    Rewards (Roxas Only): 10 Swings or less: 50 Munny | 15 Swings or less: 30 Munny | 15+ Swings: 10 Munny
    Jiminy's Challenge: Complete with LESS then 6 points!

    Poster Duty
    Fun until Jiminy's challenge from beyond logic and reason.

    Read the help wanted sign in the Market. This is the most time consumming mini-game and can be very frustrating. You definately feel accomplished when you nail Jiminy's challenge! Run around and look for yellow rectangles with a diamond in the center, press the triangle button when you are prompted to and watch as you stick up those posters. I'll be nice and tag an image of the area for you! (From the Brady Guide omg!)

    Advanced Tactics: Try this mission when Sora is very agile. Learn the High Jump abilty (from a leveled-up Valor Form) and the Glide Ability (from the Final Form) rather then frstrating yourself with fail after fail... after fail *throws controller in a uncontrolled blinding rage!!!!* Oh, map out the area also, might help figuring out a plan of action! *posts one*

    Rewards: 1:30 or less : 100 Munny | 2 minutes or less: 50 Munny | 2 minutes +: 30 Munny
    Jiminy's Challenge: Complete within !@$#@% 30 seconds! (omg... OMG! /angry)

    Spots for the Poster Duty Jiminy Challenge!