• Coliseum: Pain and Panic Cup

    This is the easiest of the cups. The enemies are weak against physical damage; they can inflict quite a bit of damage to you if you are not careful. They are often marred by their own reaction commands so take advantage of this flaw! There is also a very low cost on Limits so spam away!

    For the Bosses, you will be facing Leon and Yuffie and just like in KH, Yuffie teleports around doing cheap shots while Leon slams you with his Gunblade. Yuffie is weak in close combat so take her out first while Donald or Goofy is hacking away on Leon.

    Rules of the Pain and Panic Cup:

    • Level 20.
    • Allies are available until round 8.
    • Limits are available and are at half MP cost.
    • Summons are available until Round 8.

    Notes to consider: Round 8 is a special level where Sora must survive on his own for 2 minutes. There is no access to allies, summons, and magic. He will only be able to access his own Limit: Trinity Limit.

    Jiminy's Challenge: Obtain 2000 points or more.

    Rewards for completing the Cup: Lucky Ring, Serenity Stone.

    The monsters of Pain and Panic Cup