• Coliseum: Paradox Hades Cup

    The Paradox Hades Cup is long and you need to be quick on your feet. It requires you to be at your best! This is a gathering of alot of bosses from the cups and even from the game itself.

    The last of the Paradox Cups. Certain matches are nearly identical to the normal Cups. Matches eleven to twenty share the same rules as the Titan Cup; twenty-one to thirty, the Pain & Panic Cup; thirty-one to forty, the Cerberus Cup, at fourty-five, Sora must survive for 1 minute.

    Rules of Paradox Hades Cup:

    • Level 99.
    • Allies:
      • Round 1 - 10: Enabled.
      • Round 11 - 20: Disabled.
      • Round 21 - 30: Enabled.
      • Round 31 - 40: Enabled.
      • Round 41 - 50: Enabled.
    • Drives
      • Round 1 - 10: Enabled.
      • Round 11 - 20: Disabled.
      • Round 21 - 30: Disabled.
      • Round 31 - 40: Enabled, bars fill faster.
      • Round 41 - 50: Disabled.
    • Limits:
      • Round 1 - 10: Enabled.
      • Round 11 - 20: Disabled, Trinity Limit only.
      • Round 21 - 30: Enabled, half mp cost.
      • Round 31 - 40: Disabled, Trinity Limit only.
      • Round 41 - 50: Disabled, Trinity Limit only.
    • Summons:
      • Round 1 - 10: Enabled.
      • Round 11 - 20: Enabled, bars refill faster.
      • Round 21 - 30: Enabled.
      • Round 31 - 40: Disabled.
      • Round 41 - 50: Disabled.

    Notes to consider:
    • Every ten cups, if you pass that round, you will be able to start the next ten rounds from that spot, similar to a safety point.

    • Round 5: Round five is a duel with the Volcanic Lord, who�s Firagun will be extremely annoying throughout the fight. Bash away when possible, and avoid the flaming masses on the ground.

    • Round 6: The arena is shrouded in darkness.

    • Round 10: Round ten is very interesting, as the game switches it up to battle Tifa and Yuffie in the round. While Yuffie is still weak to weapons, Tifa provides more of a challenge, and leaving her unchecked will often mean the interruption of your combos. Passing this means you can start at round eleven if you happen to fail.

    • Round 15: When you reach round fifteen, it is a lone duel with the Blizzard Lord. Take the same strategy as you did with the Volcanic Lord, or bash away with Berserk Charge. Be careful, as at random points, the Blizzard Lord will counter your attack, knock you away, and cause Key Point damage. However, the ice on the ground isn�t nearly as threatening as the fire that the Volcanic Lord used..

    • Round 20: At round twenty, you face Pete, who will be using his bombs whenever possible, so try to get a finishing move in there, which should start a series of invincibility, and damaging his Hit Points, meaning he won�t be attacking you are you knock him into that sequence. Passing this means you can start at round twenty-one if you happen to fail.

    • Round 25: At round twenty-five, is Tifa and Cloud, both damage dealers, but fortunately for you, Limits are available. Despite their high HP, it should be easy to drain, if you allies aren�t unconscious, that is.

    • Round 30: The arena is shrouded in darkness. At round thirty, is a Hades duel, but he doesn�t bring any new tricks to the table, so take him down in the same way as the Goddess of Fate Cup. Passing this means you can start at round thirty-one if you happen to fail.

    • Round 40: Round forty is a traditional duel between you and the heroes of Final Fantasy VII and VIII, respectively. Fortunately for you, you are forced to have access to the Final Form, so use it and punish the two challengers. Sometimes, they may interrupt you, or the Drive Bar will run out. If you get hit once, it will recover an entire Bar, so use it as necessary. Passing this means you can start at round forty-one if you happen to fail.

    • Round 45: At round forty-five, you meet a re-enactment of the 1000 Heartless battle. Use the same strategy as you used in that battle to survive the sixty seconds that you are asked to survive.

    • Round 48: Round forty-eight is a duel with Cerberus. Unfortunately, you are robbed of your Drive, so you must now fight him traditionally. Fortunately, he is much more docile, and does not move or jump around quite as often as he used to, but that still does not mean that he is easier.

    • Round 49: Everyone loves Final Fantasy, so why not put the four characters who actually participate in battle TOGETHER? Smart move, SquareEnix� The key to the battle is to use Trinity Limit to deal as much damage as you can, without taking much of it. While you are fleeing, waiting for your MP to return, either support yourself with an Elixir, Ether, or use Final Form�s Glide to fly faster than they can run. The only threat while flying is Cloud, who can also fly.

    • Round 50: Round fifty is a duel with Hades alone. If you�ll notice, you can�t damage Hades, until Hercules creates Aura Orbs. This battle is near identical to that in the Hades Cup, fought when you visit Olympus Coliseum the second time to continue the plot. After he creates a wall of flame, he become invincible, so either cancel his attack and buy yourself some time with Aura Orb, or wait for him to become invincible again. He is also able teleport, which occurs about every two full attack runs, including your first hits and finishing attacks.

    Jiminy's Challenge:15,000 points or more

    Rewards for completing the Cup: N/A

    The monsters of The Paradox: Hades Cup