• Coliseum: Phil's Training

    Like the original game, Phil takes you on as his trainee to take on Hades once more and get Hercules out of his slump! Meg is there to cheer you on, she's worried about her wonderboy. You must accomplish various tasks to complete the challenge of Phil's training and since the Coliseum got torn to tatters, the training is nothing like you remember! Hurray!

    What to do: After defeating the Hydra, speak to phil at anytime to begin your training.

    Jiminy's Challenge:

    • Acquiring 1000 points.
    • Practice Mode: You have no time limit and you can practice all the ways necessary to destroy the pots. The trick is to knock the bigger pots into the smaller ones for a big bonus.
    • Maniac Mode: Time Limit of 90 seconds. You have to collect as many orbs as possible so make sure you equip all the right abilities and gear to accomplish this feat! Draw is essential and use the Negative Combo ability with the Fenrir Keyblade (not necessary).