• Coliseum: Titan Cup

    This is another solo tournament with Sora. It can be quite difficult if you are not prepared. This tournament introduces a damage gauge and you have a maximum of 500 "key points", whis is basically your life points for this thing. This is a 10 round tournament

    Rules of the Titan Cup:

    • Level 41.
    • Allies are disabled.
    • Drives are disabled.
    • Limits are disabled, can only use Trinity Limit.
    • Summons are available.

    Notes to consider: During the entire cup, Sora must survive on 500 Key Points. You must avoid being hit as much as you can in order to survive to final match, but unfortunately, the enemies in this Cup are primarily damage-dealers. During rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 large rocks fall from the ceiling and can cause you to lose key points, 12 points a hit! When you get to Hercules, beware of when he winds up his arm to attack, or when he begin to glow gold at any point, as that means he is ready to unleash a brutal attack. Otherwise, pummel him from the air as necessary, and don�t get too overconfident.

    Jiminy's Challenge: Obtain 5,000 points or more.

    Rewards for completing the Cup: Genji Shield, Skillful Ring.

    The monsters of The Titan Cup