• Minigames: Space Paranoids

    Light Cycle
    Now who didn't want to do this when they watched Tron?

    To play this game, touch the terminal inside the Space Paranoid World. The first encounter (besides Tron, the movie!) of the Light Cycle event, you used it to fight for your life, now it's a fun game filled with nostalgia. You can only access this mini-game after you have seen the event during the story line. There are three ways to defeat the the other cycles:

    • ([]) button: Charge! This breaks through enemy guard and knocks them aside and -away- from you. Easiest way to defeat an enemy is to charge/smash tem into a wall. Violent. I like it.
    • (X) button: Attack! This is useful against charges and... killing. Best time to use this is when the corridor is large and there's space to mess around with the enemy.
    • (O) button: Guard! This blocks enemy attacks. Use this when you're surrounded by multiple cycles.

    Another thing to look out for is your environment. There are tricky pillars that jump out at you and straight up shifty walls. There are some hints, like giant arrows, that will give you a heads up for a sudden turn.

    • Use the L1/L1 buttons to turn left.
    • Use the R1/R2 buttons to turn right.

    Jiminy's Challenge: Finish with 30 points or more!