• Minigames: Atlantica

    What to do?
    Lets go over some basic rules:

    Besides helping Ariel win over Prince Eric and beat up Ursula, Sora gets the chance to stretch his vocal cords with Ariel and sing along to some pretty awesome songs! Revisit a few classics and some new songs just for the fun of it and beat Jimminy's challenge for the bonus preview of KH3.

    The musical mini-games in Atlantica are pretty easy. Simply follow and press the correct buttons to the beat of the songs when you are prompted on the screen with easy to recognize visual aids. At the specific times in the songs, a round gauge (or two) will appear on screen. When it hits the yellow spots at the end of the gauge, press the correct button to stop it. Stopping it in the Darker yellow square results in "Good" rating, while stopping it on the lighter yellow, results in a "Excellent" rating. If you miss thse spots entirely, you will be given a "Bad" rating.

    Part of Your World
    Get 5 Excellents in a row!

    With the Magnet Element in your posession, go back to Atlantica and speak with Flounder to move the statue. This triggers the start of the second chapter in Sebastian's musical called "Part of Your World" (an old classic!)

    Get 5 or more "Excellent" ratings to be able to move on from this game. To make things more interesting, the button you must press switches from (/\) to (X) so stay alert!

    After clearing the requirements, Sebastian goes to King Triton to give hima low-down on the musical's progress. He then returns with something even more challenging. You need to have your Drive Gauge at 5 before you can attempt this part. Come back later!

    Under the Sea
    A moody Ariel needs a shot of Sora's singning skills

    As soon as you get your level 5 Drive Gauge, pay Ariel a visit. You can do this whenever you exit Space Paranoids and re-enter Hollow Bastion after defeating the Hostile Program.

    The game has again shifted to a different mode. The circle gauge has either a picture of Ariel or Sebastian on it. If the picture is of Ariel, the gauge near the end, press the ([]) button. If the picture is of Sebastian, DON'T PRESS IT OMG! The idea is to CHEER her up, not throw her into a deep depression. Just keep a close eye on the pictures and pray your fingers aren't drunk.

    After the gang finishes torturing us with "Under the Sea" and clears the song requirements, it's time to take on the next challenge! Accompany Ariel to the surface just in time (oh what coikidink!) to see Prince Eric strut about on the beach. He drops a locket! This is where your magnetic magic comes in handy for the stalker Ariel, you pull put the locket that gets trapped on rocks too close together to reach. You hand it over to her to continue on to the next challenge.

    Ursula's Revenge!
    Time to defeat Ursula! With a twinkle in the eye and a song in your heart!

    Once you get the Magnera Element from the Grim Reaper, return to Atlantica and pick up from where you left off. Talk to Ariel and agree to go with her to obtain the necklace.

    King Triton finds out about Ariel's over sized Eric statue and destroys it in a rage sending poor Ariel unwittingly into the slimmy arms of Ursula, the sea witch. Unknown to Ariel, Ursula has a scheme to obtain the Triten from the King, using his daughter!

    This is a very unusual boss event in terms of defeating Ursula. This time purple circles appear with the Gauges around the (X) button. The more presses you get in, the more damage you will cause to Ursula.

    After your awesome song victory, everything is somewhat back to normal but the king expects Sebastian's musical to be the best there is! Oh the PRESSURE!

    A New Day is Dawning
    The Final Challenge! Do Your Best!

    After acquiring Thundaga, it's time to visit Atlantica to what could be your final visit. Simply speak to Sebastian to trigger the last concert.

    The title of the Musical is "A new Day is Dawning". To celebrate, Sebastian has put ALL the gauges you encountered in these mini-games, hope you've been paying attention!

    To get out of Hell, I mean complete the concert and clear the world, you must attain 30,000 points. It's not too bad considering you get 15,000 for Excellents!