• Final Mix +

    Two discs. FM+ and Re: CoM.

    Additional Special Scenes

    1. There is a scene featuring Zexion, Vexen, and Xigbar
    2. One including Riku releasing Namin� into Axel's custody
    3. Riku versus Roxas (extended)
    4. A short scene involving Roxas and Axel on the tower in Twilight Town
    5. Multiple Organization XIII discussions, ranging from orders to philosphy
    6. Multiple scenes involving Vexen, Zexion, and a "guest" (CoM)

    Introduction of a Puzzle Mode; also ties in with Sora's Crown and Re: CoM

    1. The Puzzle mode can be accessed from Jiminy's Journal, with pieces as Crowns
    2. Unique input requirements in Re: CoM

    Cavern of Rememberance reintroduces platforming into the game

    Multiple new abilites found in both games, new Cards in Re: CoM such as Pluto and others

    1. DUEL (Reaction command, CoM)
      • Riku only
      • When a card with a given number matches that thrown by the enemy, Riku may choose to Duel
      • Riku gains a short combo burst if he is victorious, damage based on the numbers of the cards used
    2. If you continue putting out higher cards then the opponent, you get a special attack known as "Hit". (CoM)

    Introduction of new Uberbosses and fights:

    1. Roxas is now fought at Memory Skyscraper
    2. Organization XIII members who were killed in Chain of Memories appear in certain worlds (Silhouette fights)
      • Vexen (Twilight Town Mansion)
      • Lexaeus (Re: CoM duel arena)
      • Zexion (Destiny Islands fragment; same place as the second Darkside encounter in KHI)
      • Marluxia (Re: CoM duel arena)
      • Larxene (Re: CoM duel arena)
    3. Organization XIII Data fights; these are all very diffcult, each enemy having at least 3000 HP
      • Xemnas I (reconstruction of first fight with Xemnas)
      • Xemnas II (reconstruction of the last fight with Xemnas)
      • Xigbar (same as story encounter)
      • Xaldin (same as story encounter)
      • Vexen (same as silhouette)
      • Lexaeus (IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND)
      • Zexion (same as silhouette)
      • Sa�x (Berserk charges faster)
      • Axel (recreation of the second fight with Axel using Roxas)
      • Demyx (distribution of water sprites is different, ranging from 13 to 99)
      • Luxord (Time no longer naturally drains)
      • Marluxia (same as silhouette)
      • Larxene (same as silhouette)
      • Roxas (same as story encounter)
    4. Enigmatic Soldier (Lingering Spirit); the E.S has 16 bars of health, roughly equating to 3200 HP

    Theater Mode (for both games)

    1. To unlock, both Re: CoM and KH2: FM must be beaten.
    2. You may view the cutscenes in Japanese OR English.
    3. Additional scenes DO NOT feature English options.
    4. You can use L2 or R2 to choose between English, or Japanese.