• Minigames: 100 Acre Wood

    Piglet's House
    A Blustery Rescue!

    It's windsday when you arrive back in the 100 Acre Woods, which means only one thing: Piglet is horrified somewhere. His tiny body is no match for the breeze. Stand under Piglet and press the (/\) button to rescue him.

    This triggers the mini-game you're really here for! Speak to Piglet to activate this and soon Sora and Pooh will travel through the air with the help of a few balloons and a very stiff breeze that would most likely kill Piglet. The point of this game is side scrolling and shooting! You must destroy all the debris that gets in the way. If Pooh wanders off, use the Reaction Command to get him back. There are other reaction cmmands you can use to destroy the larger debris. Don't forget to rescue Piglet at the end of your trip./p>

    Score Values: Nuts: 10 Points | Tree: 400 points | Hunny Pots: 800 Points
    Jiminy's Objective: Finish with a score 18,000 or more.

    Rabbit's House
    Hunny Slider

    After you visit Pride Lands, you can wrap up 100 Acre woods pretty easily, make sure to get the Torn Page in the Oasis! After Pooh rudely forgets Eeyore and destroys his home in search of hunny. Amnesia seems to be curable with hunny so everyone hussles to feed the poor starving bear with the thick yellow sticky liquid!

    Head to the side where everyone is waiting after you pick up the items in the chest. Pooh seems to have forgotten everyone so Rabbit admits defeat and decides to search out his hidden stash of hunny.

    Speak ti Rabbit to trigger this mini-game: Hunny Slider. This is a fun game that sends Sora and Pooh slidding through various environments at high speeds while picking up pots of hunny along the way. The main goal on the first attemtp is just to finish with Pooh in good health. Runing into obstacles reduces your health bar and makes Pooh jump off your back, wasting precious seconds. Press the (/\) button while zooming over to him to get him back on Sora. Pooh has 10 lives and loses one each time he takes damage. It's a sad end if you use up all 10 lives x_x

    After clearing Hunny Sliders, Pooh eats al the hunny and has a near stunning recovery, sort of. The mystery continues on to the next challenge!

    Jiminy's Objective: Finish with a score 8,000 or more.

    Kanga's House
    Balloon Bounce

    Make sure to pick up the torn pages from Hollow Bastion's Crystal Fissure. Kanga thinks she has medecine that cam help with Pooh's memory issue. Before she can administer it, Tigger the thief takes it for himself! His solution to Pooh's amnesia is BOUNCING!

    Speak to Tigger to trigger the mini-game: Balloon Bounce. This game involves bouncing on trampolines to break baloons as they float about. Use the (/\) button to jump from trampoline to trampoline. Green Balloons shoot you into the air higher then blue ones. The main goal is to pop 10 balloons to move on with the story and pooh remembers another pal.

    Jiminy's Objective: Finish with a score of 2,000 or more.

    The Spooky Cave
    The Expotition!

    Make sure you got the torn pages from the Throne Room in the Imperial Palace! To start this annoying mini-game you must speak to Kanga inside the cave. You must find pooh who's lost inside the cave and there's a Time limit! If the courage Gauge empties, you have to start all over and did I mention its ungodly dark in there? The gauge depletes as you search for pooh but god forbid should they get frightened by the bees and run away from you, getting lost, it will depelete faster. So spam that whistle! If the gauge is near empty, use Company Halt! reaction command to calm them down.

    There are 6 treasures in the cave so spend the first few trips getting the chests. After finding Pooh, you receive Sweet Memories Keyblade and the spooky cave map! Hurray!

    Jiminy's Objective: Finish with a score of 90 seconds or less.

    Starry Hill
    Get the bear's head out of the pot!

    Speak to Pooh to trigger this event. Seems he's gotten his head stuck in a honey pot. Hit the (/\) at the prompts to remove the pot. Pretty easy!

    Jiminy's Objective: Finish with a score of 8,000 or more.