• Coliseum: Paradox Cerberus Cup

    The second of the Cups. Speak to Hades to begin, he is located in his chambers. The second of the Paradox Cups. Nearly identical to the normal cup which shares its name, except that the Hit Points of the enemies are now higher, and much more painful to endure. Follow the same strategy as you used in the original Cup. However, you will most likely have Final Form at this point, so take full advantage of it. Especially during the Cerberus fight; this is essentially identical to that in the original Cup.

    Let's recap the first Cerberus cup: In this, Drives are available, and the bar fills up quicker, allowing you to use them more often, so take advantage. Be aware of the five minute limit on the Cup, and try to take care of the enemies as quickly as you can. When you get to Cerberus, bust out any Drive Form that you might have, and let loose. If he captures you between his heads, use the Reactions and stun him, allowing you to finish the battle quickly.

    Rules of the Cerberus Cup:

    • Level 70.
    • Allies are disabled.
    • Drives are enabled, fill faster then usual
    • Limits are disabled, can only use Trinity Limit.
    • Summons are disabled.

    Notes to consider: You have a 5 minute time limit to complete this cup, you obtain a 15 second bonus at the end of each win. Round 8, 9, 10 are in complet darkness and that includes the boss round.

    Jiminy's Challenge: Obtain 1300 points or more.

    Rewards for completing the Cup: N/A

    The monsters of The Cerberus Cup