• Gummies: Walkthrough

    1. Stardust Sweep
    2. Asteroid Sweep
    3. Phantom Storm
    4. Splash Island
    5. Floating Island
    6. Ancient Highway
    7. Broken Highway
    8. Sunlight Storm
    9. Assault of the Dreadnought

    Alright, for your first gummi mission select either Stardust Sweep, or Asteroid Sweep. For the sake of the guide pick Stardust Sweep First.

    Stardust Sweep

    This one is terribly easy. Since you?re using the standard ship, there are no customizations to make life easier. There is no real need for a specific walkthrough. Just tips. When you have multiple enemies, always aim for the clock shaped ones (Bomb Bell). Destroying them destroys all onscreen enemies while minimizing the damage taking potential of each wave. When it comes to the mini-boss (a drill looking thing) (Hunter), just lay on him. Nothing difficult here. As you continue on, you'll hit the main boss (Spider). The strategy here is to pick an arm, and fire till it?s gone. That way you can quickly cut down on the number of missiles coming at you. When he's down to one arm, watch out, it'll shoot powerful orbs at you. When you defeat it, you get a Heal Upgrade, which increases the power of healing on you. And you nab the Highwind Level 2.

    Asteroid Sweep

    For this mission, use your Highwind Lv. 2. Edit it, and add your Heal Upgrade, and add two engines, and two extra wings you'll want the maneuverability they bring. In this mission, you'll be dodging lots of enemy fire, so be glad for the wings I told you to add. Like in last mission, prioritize the Bomb Bells. When you get to a point where you see rolling purple things (Tank), and more gatlting guns (Mega Tank), prioritize the gattling guns, since they fire at you more often. When you see giant shield enemies, wait for them to turn around, you can only hurt them from the back. When you reach an asteroid field, shoot the smaller asteroids in your path to destroy them, your passage will be much safer that way. Level end.

    Phantom Storm

    For this mission, you'll want to use the Falcon Lv. 2. You'll need the firepower. Be aware that you'll see pillars rushing toward you. Do your best to dodge them, while blasting everything that moves. When you first encounter the pirate ship. Your first target is the metal tube in the middle of the rotating wheel. That'll make things a bit easier. Then target the mini cannons (they respawn), until you can target the center of the next wheel. Next, on the back of the ship, dodge the mini cannon's fire while laying some of your own down on the cannons on deck, it'll give you an edge in the next section. Finish off the aft deck cannons, then when you can hit the cannons near the center of the mast, pick one and stick with it till it is gone. If it fires a black orb enemy (Cannon Ball), stop and put it down fast, before resuming fire. After that, don't really worry about the front decks cannons, they're easy to dodge. The next target is the nose of the ship. Only shoot Ghosts if you have to, since the nose is worth a ton of points. You should destroy it with plenty of time to wipe out the rest of the front deck cannons.

    You'll begin circling the ship again, but the only real targets are Ghosts, and two cannons mounted to the front of the captain?s quarters, take 'em down, and enjoy the breather. Once you circle around to the back, lay into the mini cannons until you can take down the next wheel. Watch for Ghosts, they're numerous now. Once you take that down, quickly bring down the other one, and then start aiming at the lower front of the ships hull (it looks like a jaw). You probably won't take it down this run through. Next section, watch out for armed enemies (Grappler), they'll latch onto your ship restricting movement, and then blow up for some damage. Now, keep laying it on the jaw, while of course eliminating enough of the other enemies to keep you safe. Enemy down. Mission completed. You'll get the Teeny Model.

    Splash Island

    This stage is really straightforward. Any of your Lv. 3 blueprints will do, I chose the falcon, because I love its maneuverability. In this level, just blast anything that comes at you. One thing to be wary of though are fish enemies (Submarine). When they leap out of the water, you either blast them immediately, or when they fire, you have to fly through the center of the rings. So continue on through the stage slaughtering the heartless until you reach a dragonfly looking enemy (Dragonfly). Wait till he starts firing, and then pick a position out of his stream of fire where you can hit him, and blast him. He'll go down quickly. Continue a bit further, and you'll clear the mission and get Auto Counter ability.

    Floating Island

    This is probably the easiest stage. Falcon Lv. 4 is the recommend blueprint, since we have some big enemies to bring down. I wouldn't mind the Tanks rolling on the ground, only go for the Mega Tanks, since they do more damage and do it faster. As for the giant crab things (Crawler), hit them in the legs. You don't really have to, but its worth a ton of points. You'll eventually come to another Dragonfly, you know what to do. Fly onward and you'll encounter yet another Dragonfly. Take it down and Course completed. You'll score a cost upgrade.

    Ancient Highway

    Use the Highwind Lv. 5, but before you go, make sure to mode your Heal upgrade and Auto Counter onto your ship. At first this plays like a normal gummi level, so treat it as such. Then, a large spiked wheel (Reaper?s Wheel) comes blazing up the highway. It'll come closer and closer, and then hit you. The goal is to hit it in one of its two boosters (the things emitting fire), in order to knock it back. Then, you'll go back to huge swarms of enemies. Take out the ring shooters (Hex Rings) quickly, they overcomplicate things. Continue on until you encounter a Hunter. Be very wary here. He'll shoot strings of lasers which he'll arc across the screen, and then a long tunnel of rings, fly down the center of this. Never stop firing. When you defeat him, the mission ends. You get a Comet gummi for completion.

    Broken Highway

    This is an awesome mission. Alright, Highwind Lv. 6, but before we go, mod a few wings and the Comet G from last mission to it. Be sure to equip your AP abilities, and off we go. At first this plays like a normal mission, but watch out for the hunks of rock rushing towards you, put those extra wings to good use. You'll encounter the Reaper?s Wheel again. This time though, it has more health. Use your lasers to auto target his boosters (hold X till an icon pops over his thrusters, then release), and beat it back. You'll come to a point where enemies will start swooping in, and firing streams of lasers at you. Take them out one by one. You'll come back to a point where the Reaper?s Wheel is back, but now it flies. Now, your fire only has effect if you hit the correct side of it. Use laser lock on to determine which it is, the have at it. Once you take him down, mission completed. Nets you a Teeny Limit upgrade.

    Sunlight Storm

    This is a straightforward stage. Just lots of enemies, and lost of fire to dodge. Take the Invincible Lv. 2. Mod it to your content with guns. Strap on your best AP abilities. Bomb Bells are back, though they fire now. Take 'em down for a quick screen clear. About midway, you'll fight another Spider, same strategy applies. Continue on until you encounter a heartless with drills for arms (Driller). I recommend you don't fight him. Just dodge for a bit using circle, and he'll go away. You'll come out of the light into a swarm, and it'll get destroyed by red death lasers. You'll then face another Hunter, but now he has Teeny Ships. Do your best to either put him down or dodge. Then, mission completed. You get an Ultima Gummi.

    Assault of the Dreadnought

    This one is a toughie. Highwind Lv. 8 for sure. Mod it out with as many wings as you can. And then mod the Teeny ship Wingedge level 1, and 2, and give them each 3 more fire gummies. You?ll be glad for that power. At first, just dodge any incoming objects for a while. Then, you?ll see a red laser (you?ve seen them before), that?s bad news for your ship, it?s a one hit kill. At the start of the mission, the goal is to obliterate everything you see, while dodging the occasional red laser. Now, your ship will fly close to the surface of a white cathedral like enemy ship (Cruiser). Watch out for green lasers, they don?t insta-kill you, but they hurt a bit. They fire from the green depressions on the Crusher, so avoid those; all the while destroying the enemy ships. You?ll encounter some swarms, and Bomb Bells. Bomb Bells are your friends, blast them.

    Soon you?ll be heading to an opening in a Cathedral, brace yourself, the fun starts here. Blast through the enemies at the entrance, and zoom on in. Keep destroying enemies as they appear, till you reach an area that looks like a dead end, with a blue glyph in the center. Lock on and blast it with your laser (regular fire works too, but don?t miss). Kill a few more enemies, and begin down a long corridor. Doors will begin closing on you from certain sides. Fly to the opposite side of the hallway where the door started from. I?ll tell you what sides to fly to in order. Bottom right, top left, bottom. Hack through some more enemies, till you see another barricade. In this hallway, the doors come too quickly to lock on, so just fire at the glyphs with all you?ve got. More enemies appear. The screen turns around, and you?re flying backwards. Stay in the center of the screen, since your going to go down a corridor, and don?t want to clip the edge.

    The screen will turn back to the front, and you?ll go down another corridor. This one has glyphs, and closing doors. You want to use your laser lock on to hit the glyphs, while flying to the sides of the hallway that I tell you. Top, bottom, bottom-left, right. You?ll catch a second breather, before being pitched down another hall. Center your ship, and start firing. There are three doors, and all the glyphs are in the same position, so that way, you can nail them all in sequence. You?ll enter a large room with a huge glowing ball (henceforth known as the core). You are now victim to massive hordes of enemies. There?ll be Bomb Bells mixed in, so watch for them and blast them whenever you can. Ignore the shield enemies, and gun down everything else. When you have a breather, start firing at the core. A shield will go up around it, and that?s your cue that you?re leaving. When you fly out of the ship, fly to the top of the screen. You?ll dodge the laser, and then get a mission completed. You?ll get a Cost Limit Upgrade.