• Minigames: Agrabah

    SB Sand Slider
    Skateboard around collecting crystals!

    To play, speak to the man in the Peddler's Shop. You are provided with a skateboard in this game and no, it's not a SB RAVE type game. The point of this game is to collect as many crystals as physically possible in the weirdest places ever. The thing about these crystals is you need to be vigilant on where they appear. The first crystal you obtain spawns the next one and so on, so keep your eyes peeled on where they can be. Use all the tricks you've learned in the SB excercises, grinding, jump, twirls, etc. You will need them pretty much mastered to win this challenge since some are high above in the buildings.

    • (/\) : Grind
    • (O) : Air Walk
    • ([]): Method Grab
    • (X) : 360 Spin

    Jiminy's Challenge: Finish with 10 or more points.

    Magic Carpet
    Take a magic carpet ride!

    To play this game, click on the switch located on the block in the Ruined Chamber. This game is only available after you have escaped the ruined chamber. The "escape" you had to go through while the world was being sucked into a sink hole is now a fun mini-game! Hurray! You get to ride Carpet all over again and kill randow things, with a TIMER! Try your best to defeat as many enemies as possible. The type of monster has a set number of hits needed to defeat it, always; you may want to keep track of that, I dunno! Here's a few tips:

    • Fortune Tellers and Crimson Jazz foes are weak to Combo Finishers.
    • Smaller enemies take only one hit to defeat. Use the finishing move from the hits to defeat larger ones!
    Jiminy's Challenge: Finish the timed run with a score of 65 or more!